Quake you can't be pierced with arrows if you don't let your shield down 000223
vega sarcasm is a weak shield 000223
Tank i try to shield the world from my sorrows, inject them only with my happy fuel. i often find myself wondering if this is fair. how can i expect anyone to know me if i only give them 90% of me..? 000706
Laura I carry my shield in my back pocket,
small and hardly noticeable,
but so strong it protects me from much harm.

If ever I feel like the world around me is too much,
if ever I feel like I cannot go on,
all I have to do it take out my shield
and life again is worth sticking around for.

My shield isn't made of steel or wood,
it isn't large enough to protect me from wounds,
all my shield is,
is a picture of you.
what's it to you?
who go