birdmad licked

bound and stitched like books
Sonya are sometimes only in your mind and can easily be healed if you really want them gone. You don't always have to depend on time to do the job for you. 011019
aeon flux i have a habit of picking at mine. physical or not. 011020
unhinged i was going to go for a short while. then i decided that i couldn't. i couldn't go there again after you begging me all week to show up. maybe it will bring me more hell than it would if i would just go, but i can't bring myself to show up. i've been thinking about it for days, what i would say, and it's been keeping me up at night. so i think i'm going to avoid this situation altogether. 011020
lovers lament thought i had found a soul companion in you. now all i see are the wounds you left on a body that's not good enough to satisfy your sexual appetite. 011021
niki i have a new one...my knee found a couch the hard way 011021
translucent your arms covered in scars darker than the rest of your skin. battle scars. 011021
TheDeprived These wounds, they seep, they fade to black. Along with every other spark of a hope that has been laid to rest in my brain. Dont pretend to know this pain, this virus that runs rapidly through my veins... I have mutated my dreams into nightmares.

There is no turning back, no remission.
nick sometimes the best thing you can do is cut them open, and rip out the the festering nastiness that won't let you forget.

bare hands for this job.
stripped to the waist in cold florescent light at an interstate rest area in Indiana

I wish I was drunk enough to vomit when I find that poison carbuncle...

weeping from exquisite joypain

tears washing bad memories down the drain to an oversize septic system from which I am blessedly removed

sorry you had to see that, friend
drk-siren I breath out more than in
caving my body
making small of me
how tiny insignificant
rare and precious

the pain has no place
it's enormous grotesque
it's inside outside
it's no place we ever met

it's hollow empty
and your likely to strangle
from the weight it echoes
trips you and tangles

you can't run from
the sharps and flats
shivering your nerve
holding you back

it's life in one way
spread it out give it up
drink once again
from that broken cup
i_am_a_revenant i lick the salt
from my wounds
from morning
to the night
pipedream i am ripped apart at the smallest things and
the big bad nasties just bounce
off my skin
misstree weekend's tally:
bite marks, upper left shoulder, right forearm (x2). scrathches of four distinct types on back, from light redness to wide scabs. one long rend on front, from right shoulder to left hip, barely scabbed except on hip. peppering of bruises on chest, cluster of small bruises (fingers?) on right wrist, non-visible sore spots on left arm. two large bruises, right leg. both top thigh muscles are excruciatingly sore. various scrapes on hands, tender wrists from learning joint lock techniques, big toenail cracked in a way that will hurt lots as it heals. hangover from hell.

it's been a fun weekend.
misstree headbutting bump on the forehead seems like it's never going to go away. i rub it and smile. 040218
shivers just sore 040218
ChinaWhite Give me more. 040218
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