Id Lab Quantum, meaning smallest, the biggest thing in Physics, but aren't we all? Smallest compared to what? Big for an atom, but small for a planet, tiny for a galaxy, infinitesimal for a supercluster. No, we said, not just small, the smallest, not a cell, not a molecule or an atom or even a quark, maybe a superstring - but what cat (in what box) chases the string, and of what is it made? What atoms? No, no smallest is yet in sight, nor will these microscopic things ever be. 010920
Zoren It is now certified and confirmed by Earth's leading scientists that Adolf Hitler had the smallest penis that ever existed. The finding met some controversy but after a cross-examination of the evidence by peer scientists and a historian's board there is no disputing this amazing find. is dedicated to the historical-psychoanalytical-psychotherapeutic assesment of ruthless leaders and their phalli. I encourage you to visit their site.
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