me? to cross again is not to cross

*sniff*. where are you....?
marjorie she genuflected
looked down
then up
at the cross
as she crossed herself
loyalty? piety?
or habit?
of a lost soul
amy this 000404
silentbob people hold too much stake in the cross as if the wooden lower case "t" itself resurrected The Man. imagine if christ was born now as opposed to 2000 years ago this xmas or whatever. do you HONESTLY think people would carry miniature electric chairs around their necks, or mount gigantic cyranges used for lethal injection at the front of their churches?
i dont think this is something i heard, im pretty sure this came to me originally.
b0 i w0nder what hurts m0re. . .
when y0u p0und the nail in?
0r when y0u p u l l
the nail 0ut?

hurts like hell t0 p0und the sucker in
but at least y0u g0t help;
y0u g0t plenty 0f s0nsabitches
standing by with their hammers
pushin' each 0ther t0 get a whackatya

--drive the nail in a little further--

l00ks kinda pretty t0 see the
scarlet f0untain
raining d0wn with y0ur life
'til ya figure 0ut what a f00l y0u've been

then it turns as ugly as a
crims0n tide
washing away what's left 0f the beauty
that's sl0wly 0 0 z i n g
0ut 0f y0u

but it's still n0t t00 late
t0 get d0wn 0ff that pieceaw00d

y0u g0t y0ur 0wn hammer
that's bigger than any 0f their's
after all
y0u put the nail thr0ugh the left
bef0re y0u called f0r help
t0 put the nail thr0ugh the right

'c0urse that hammer w0n't help n0w
that b0th palms are kindabusy

the 0nly thing that's left
is the weight 0f y0ur b0dy
and the strength 0f y0ur arms

guess it d0es hurt m0re
when y0u p u l l
the nail 0ut

but it's still n0t t00 late
jesus cool. 001219
unhinged i bought a beautiful cross today...silver and amber. i wear crosses because of my grandmother. it doesn't really have anything to do with jesus for me. he wasn't the only one that died on the cross although he was probably the most important one. 010111
The Truth "Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth."

_Exodus 20:3 (The chapter about the "Ten Commandments")

Psalm 135:15 The idols of the nations are silver and gold, made by the hands of men.
god thou shall go forth and do unto thine brethren what nutty stuff thy god has shown thee. 010501
florescent light Actually, Silentbob, Jesus's birthday wasn't on christmas at all. I believe he was born in July.

Why then do Christian's celebrate the birth of Christ in December?
unhinged because the church needed a way to convert all the pagans who had a mad party to celebrate the winter solstice. so they moved christ's birthday to december to replace the pagan solstice celebration and gain a lot of converts. 010501
Dafremen Similar to the reason that Easter & Day of the Dead(Dia De Muertos in Mexico) are celebrated when they are. Because pagans were alerady celebrating around those times. Instead of going the HARD way and telling people the truth, the church has chosen time and time again to change its policies and practices to make it more appealing to the masses.

If the church weren't concerned primarily with large congregations and the power money and influence that come with those large congregations, then they wouldn't have felt the NEED to lie to people in order to convert them.

Unfortunately "treat other people good and let them treat YOU like sh*t" isn't the best advertising slogan in the world for a religion. So they apparently felt the compromises were warranted maybe even necessary.

As for the cross, many biblical scholars agree that the crucifixion occured not on an upright pole with a crossbeam (a cross) but a single upright pole with the victim's hands being held together above his head and a single spike being driven through his wrists OR hands(doubled up this way and with the spike through the feet helping to support the weight, it's arguable as to whether or not the palms of the hands could have supported a man's weight without ripping.)

The reason for the use of this simple POLE as opposed to a cross with a cross beam was the scarcity of wood in the region. With that in mind perhaps the Christian cross should be replaced with the Letter l(el) or the number 1? An exclamation point(!) would also make a good symbol for Christianity, giving that sense of urgency and excitement that the religion is severely lacking(although every thousand years they try to spice it up a bit by predicting the end of the world and the second coming of Christ) Maybe the little dot at the bottom could represent the pool of "blood he shed for us"?
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