typhoid haha!
isn't it always?
here or seattle or wherever you are?
isn't it luck?
oh, i see those drops
thousands of prisms refracting and reflecting, destroying, corrupting, creating.. rainbow.
Christy It was raining . . .

When your answering machine picked up. I listened to your voice, hollow through the earpiece. Lancing drops drummed on the glass.
Shivering in my drenched clothing, I slid down to the floor of the phone booth. The receiver found the crook of my neck where your head should be.
I waited through the prerequisite beep and chattered out some semblance of a message. Consciousness fled when the machine cut me off. The winds played a haunted lullaby.
Watery dreams washed through me, each the same as the last. Always your eyes staring into mine, your fingertips on my face, your lips a luminous smile.
Night became day in a heartbeat as clouds squeezed their last tears. Sunlight tugged at my lashes, cutting the darkness, slicing the fear. Morning failed to deliver your presence.
I cursed Apollo's impatience as I eased myself to my feet, legs stiff and shaky. Bedraggled tendrils fell between my eyes and the phone. The coins made a dull clink as they fell.
The sun was shining when your answering machine picked up. I listened to your voice, interrupted in mid-sentence. A drowsy soprano relayed your unavailability.
Shivering in my anger and pain, I slid down to the floor of the phone booth. The receiver brushed my stomach where I was just beginning to show your parting gift.
Brad Rainy days are swel... rainy days are the best. 000320
Shugarhi When I was little, I thought that when it rained, the angels were peeing on us... 010523
Shugarhi Raining inside my heart. All the memories resurface and my battered spirit cannot hold back the emotions anymore. I feel the stinging tears trying to force their way out to fall to their death. 010920
monadh the sky is falling
leaving sweet little kisses
distorted tendencies I stand outside letting the rain fall upon me. It's storming and the lightning crashes all about. I wonder if it'll rain so much I'll drown. Or maybe I'll get hit by the lightning. 010921
TK remember that night it was raining
you packed in the abandoned school parking lot
I set in the floor bored
you in your chair
we listened to the radio
just watching the rain
though your sunroof
pralines&cream Your cleats sink into the wet grass, and your veins pump iron as your legs propel you. You have edge, the rain beats against your face in harsh bites, but it feels good.
And grass stained knees pump faster to the ball and send it sailing through the rain.
For a second you stop to watch it cutting through the falling water, as it drips down your hair and face.
distorted tendencies I wish it would all just wash away from me. 011224
Syrope omg christy that was beautiful... 020324
kill rhythm gee i'm glad its raining, there's always something to be thankful for. im awfully glad its raining, cuz no one sees your teardrops when it pours. no one knows the thunder is your heartbreak in disguise. they think the rainy nights are what put that sad look in your eyes. sure am glad its raining, the gentle rhythm soothes the pain inside... 020414
kerry rain is good 020414
Syrope it just started here. i went out and stood in the splattering drops. ahhh... 020414
unhinged it was raining this afternoon
the sexy grey rain you can
get off too
the white flowers
stood out
against the soaked brown
the green grass
brighter than the sun
the wind blew a kiss across my chest
i lay in bed
watching the rain drip down
moaning at
what the wind blew in
wet curls
blue eyes
green green grass
every breath your final demise
wet to brightness
ever dumbening holy schmoly, unhinged 020415
Dack Rambo is my father It's better when thunder breaks the silence, instead of my screams. 020416
~*~LaddY BuggZ~*~ you gave mi reason too believe that we were always ment too be but now i see you were wrong: you cant keep running back too mi with all your baby baby please! no more no more(how emtional)no more baby baby please cuzz you running back too mi and now i see you were wrong! 031103
chiken jfd 031104
atalie shit im on the phone wit netizzle and shes crying***888 031104
reue in my perfect world, it would always be raining when the sun is shining

i love seeing the light dance off the raindrops
Shanda De La Cruz o0o no0o.. 031126
gardenofsong freedom, cleansing like running, like dancing and praying.
there isn't harsh light, but a soft calm, a hush, i am safe, held, at peace with everything.
peyton so hard
it broke the pavement
and my head
slammed against
your steering wheel
thieums What am I gonna do
When you kick me outta your house?
Out there it keeps raining
It keeps raining...
z deluge. inundation. 070416
no reason i was meant to not go to school today 070416
pete it rains, it snows, it can't make up its mind 070416
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