psyki a scream from the kitchen awakened my pillow, which had been asleep
...and which began to beep so very very very loud ringing in my aching head
I glanced over at the half-eaten hamburger beside my bed
it looked like it was covered with ketchup
lola overall, i'm calm i think.
and clear. not anzious.
tired. sleepy. bed. now.
i don't know what you want
amorfus when you meet a being who's calm and centered
and it just sort of emanates from that person

and you can't fake it
if you're not calm
everyone sees
everyone knows
it's horrible!

Be Here Now.
mungo Kathy says, "Calm is not the wind before the storm. It is the sky after the storm." 000514
MollyGoLightly Seldom find myself this way these days...awake til 4 a.m. most nights, tapping my foot against the headboard until i pass out.. 000514
forlorad under there, in there, and surrounded by it. only then can i feel mine 000627
grendel i could fake it for awhile

but now i no longer have even this façade to hide behind

need to find a deeper cave to hide in
jennifer Calm
Lori Amey

I'm not accustomed to this craziness of losing my mind for you. Every breath I take reminds me I'm dying to find my way to you. I want to wrap myself around you and never let you go. Let this desire in my soul surround you, gonna let this feeling for you grow. And maybe dark clouds are hanging over me. But I see the calm in your eyes, and I know I can get through. And this time, my disbelief won’t fog my mind. Some kind of truth in your smile that tells me I need you. And every time I close my eyes you come to me in my dreams. I wake up with a smile on my face, pathetic as it seems. Try to hush these voices in my head driving me insane. Suddenly everything inside of me just screams your name. And maybe dark clouds are hanging over me. But I see the calm in your eyes, and I know I can get through. And this time, my disbelief won’t fog my mind. Some kind of truth in your smile that tells me I need you. Forgive me if I seem naïve when for you I fall. Forgive me if I misperceive the way that you enthrall me. I'm just not used to being held prisoner with my back against the wall. It’s part of me, I drop my defenses, my heart, my mind, to you I give it all. And maybe dark clouds are hanging over me. But I see the calm in your eyes, and I know I can get through. And this time, my disbelief won’t fog my mind. Some kind of truth in your smile that tells me I need you so.”
Laura my life is becoming sluggish flowing into a cool calming rain, no one knows it but me, words can't let you know of the love 010317
chanaka when you talk to me
knowing you are gazing upon my beautiful
Zola Sweel butt Lola can fuck off.

she's a fruit cake.

tell her to eat some lemons.
Tinka butt it's still not butter is it.

chock chock chili oh sweetheart,
oh motherfucker,
there is no calm
there is only a raging wild styled fire
oh yes, oh no.
User24 ahh, calmness..

none of this red crap.

calm=((blue? true : false) && (red? false : true))

I think that works out.
bespeckled I am not angered,
I am not filled with rage.

I am sad sometimes ...
I am jealous many times ...
I am depressed hardly.

I am not filled with rage.

I am calm ... for the most part.
celestias_shadow calm is the ocean after the waves have subsided and the sky is blue. calm is the horizon stretching into infinity, encompassing your imagination, your mind sprinting to the ends of the universe and finding nothing to stop it. that is calm. 030220
tortuous the smell of the fall air
that slight chill in the breeze
the dull rays from the afternoon sun
the ones that spread across the ground just before twilight
the feeling of memories, good memories, that always can put a smile on my face
the felling that i once strived to accomplish something
i did it for myself
it wasn't to prove something to my family
nor for my friends
i did it for myself

its the time of the year that feels like halloween is coming
only way i can really describe it to others
it is exciting to think about the weather changing, its right when the seasons change
theres a small spark in the air, but it doesn't make me jump or want to run... its a calming breeze of joy
i love sharing this time with others
october always makes me smile
pete here i am listening to sigur ros calm and becalmed talking to that girl. i am using her as a distraction from actually doing anything, from actually working on my essay due in a week or going to work so i can pay for my school. i don't feel bad about it, as i am sure she did something similar with me earlier. just keep the friendly conversation moving in the calm and hope that what once was will never be to the same scale, but atleast on some scale it can grow instead of remaining stale, hurt, and empty forever. 040218
misstree i want to close my fingers around this peace
so gentle it barely flutters,
feel it warm my skin and
bring it close to my cheek to feel
it brush soft and fond against me.

if i could, i would
close my eyes and
drift here forever.
misstree it took a second reading to see
just how druglike calm can be.
next to nobody every so often, tears burst through, startling me. a flash of anger earlier was a sign of hope, until it was smothered with frustration. there is an emptiness to being resigned, a calm death to it, a horror-filled necessity. it is what must be done. 040824
somepeoplesmile ooh, this sounds like fun!
how do you achieve this 'calm'?
headover Imagine the feeling of a million silences tingling up your spine.

Imagine not caring
not worrying
not being afraid of tomorrow

Now imagine dying
and being born
and taking time to just be
f i feel a breeze of calmness coming over me 040916
andru235 "calm...calm...the english say, 'cawm'..." 051129
hsg this one word printed on the door re_entering the floor at bnn

It has quite an effect after a while.
Risen I've found this sense of calm. It is beautiful in its own way, and terrifying too. That's what being at sea is. Scary and also floaty. Letting the waves carry me.

You fall in love, but you drift out of it. Slowly. Things just... wash away. You forget things. The little things, then the big things. It begins to feel as though the whole thing was a dream and now I'm waking up. Wondering what I've done with the past year of my life. Looking at myself as others must have looked at me.

It isn't a pretty sight. But I'm at peace with it. It was a learning curve. I know how to love, and I know when not to.
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