daj surrounded. the air grows thick and your eyes grow wilder as they close in. closer and closer until you can taste them in the back of your throat. you can smell their hunger, hear yourself stuttering...trying to reason, but you know its'll nver escape their grasp, they will hunt you down until they get what they want... 020831
imposter I am liberal trapped in third-generation career-military Bushy-conservative family. Ack! No politics at the dinner table, Brian.

I grew up thinking California was the most conservative state in the Union. All those East coast newspapers call us wacked-out left-wingers, and I say to myself, where???

Thank you, Orange County.
kitten go mew and i feel surrounded by time, like there will always be a tomorrow, tomorrow never dies, and neither do i. and if i do die, tomorrow still goes. and goes. and goes. infinity is not beautiful. infinity is trapt. i am trapt. i am stuck in forever. forever surrounds me. in time exists reality, and i do not wish to be a part. 031219
kid andre Once you're surrounded, it's the time to return when you've gone past the point of no return. 050425
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