jennifer 6. Richard Nixon (1968)
Long before rebounding from Watergate to earn respect as a foreign-policy elder statesman, Nixon engineered an equally audacious-and surprising-return from the political dead. After his narrow defeat by John F. Kennedy, Nixon ran for governor of California in 1962 and, after he lost, he bitterly told the press, "You won't have Dick Nixon to kick around anymore." Not true. Nixon kept fighting. He campaigned for Barry Goldwater (AuH2O) in 1964, supported GOP candidates in the 1966 elections, and gained the loyalty of power brokers around the country. In 1968, he made another run for the White House, edged out Hubert Humphrey for the presidency, and set himself up to be kicked around yet again.
youla yo uh I'm comin for ya, I’m in the cut, creepin’ up, now I’m on ya
it goes to the break of dawn, and it just don’t stop,
lyric fist fights brothers we don’t need no glocks
marjorie is getting what you want.
and the fastest
win. lose. gain. gain. gain.
you always get.
or you are nothing
guitar_freak I can't help but be facinated by this election. The sheer importance that is put on the individual voter in Florida is totally crazy. You can just see the corruption being sqeezed from it. Why won't the Republicans do a revote unless they think it will cause them the election? Why were the names on the ballots in the wrong order? Why were some votes lost? This is the absolute coolest thing I have ever seen. God I love this bullshit!!! 001109
dont knowwhoivotedfor?? My ballot's full of holes it's like the one i had "last year". I think i voted for the wrong person . Duh and Waaaaaaaaa 001109
MercynRe think damnit think. 010427
nix0r entirely too many people make a cushy living and lifelong career out of representing the will of the people. sure, let's leave things to the professionals, i guess that's what representative democracy is about. but what about this representation part? politics these days involves convincing one's constituents that they hate the opposing party, [insert name here]. here are some words to further consider: truth, facts, gullibility, stupidity. 010427
josie "can i spare a minute of your time to ask you a few questions about the upcoming federal election sir?"
"i'm afraid i don't really know much about politics these days.. i'm just too old now...."

(insert lengthy provocative conversation with 19y/o and old man here)

If there was one moment i felt enlightened yesterday it was when that old man became relative to me. i'll never see his face, nor know his name, he may not even be alive today. But i'll never forget the day he spoke to me, moved me in ways i'd painted over 7 years ago. i wish i knew your name, i wish i had a minute to stop the world revolving, in all it's politics.. to talk to you. Understand what it is that makes you wiser than the rest.. satisfy this aching need to a minor degree..
past yeehaw, first the government calls an opportunistic election violating its own toothless 'set election date' law, then it gets a slightly stronger minority and claims a great new mandate to do as it pleases, then it promises to change the tone in the house from the shit slinging it has promoted since the union of the right, soon after it introduces a financial update that proposes to financially ruin the opposition parties (way to change the tone), and now with the opposition united in, get this, opposition, there are meetings supposedly underway for a coalition between two of the three opposition parties (inviting the separatists would be bad optics for everyone, including, i think, the separatists).

who said politics was boring?
hsg ^^^ those who marry outside of their families, that's who! 081129
crediblehulk I really don't like the term "leftist". Terms like these are fluff used by the ruling elite to obfuscate the facts and to divide people. As a result, those of us who believe that humans can and should do better as a species and who want to change things for the better are fundamentally separated from those who want to prosper and profit from the corrupt systems that currently exist. Wonder why Ghandi, Lennon, MLK, and JFK were murdered?

The use of terms like "left" and "right" is how really fucked up shit is made to look acceptable, if not reasonable. And whether or not they are aware, a staggering majority of journalists are guilty of using these words as bullets against targets of their various biases -- biases that, these days, are increasingly decreed upon them by the shadowy figures at the top who decide what gets published and where.

I think I know the difference between those on the so-called left and right of the political spectrum now (which apparently has now been replaced by a multi-dimensional political "compass". As if we weren't confused enough already).

I'll give you a few examples:

- A rightist will look at a busy freeway and suggest that speed limits should be lowered, additional airbags should be installed in vehicles, and stiffer penalties for impaired driving should be imposed. A leftist will point out that fewer cars equals fewer collisions.

- A rightist will look at an oil spill and suggest that the equipment be designed better, maintenance be more strict, and cleanup procedures be more efficient. A leftist will point out that oil is dirty and obsolete and that for decades we've had far better technology for generating power and manufacturing goods.

- A rightist will look at crime statistics for the inner city (because how many of them actually go there?) and suggest that police and prisons need more money, and tougher sentences need to be implemented. A leftist will point out that a shit sandwich tastes better when you have more bread.

I would drop the mic, but I know how expensive those things are.
unhinged voter rolls purged all to hillarys benefit...coincidence? i think not. shes stealing this election the same way republicans stole 2000. democracy my ass 160423
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