misstree i wore a different color hat, once.

i used to go around saving people, making their lives happy and shining and well.

i still work my wiles on people... i lay hands upon them and feed them my infection, make them beg for it.

i traded something away when i decided to become corrupted.

and now i take it from everyone else.
birdmad so now i know i'm not the only one 010125
misstree sometimes i feel like there's a stain on me.
i'll never bound freely with the gazelles
chirp merrily with the birds
i will never cleanse the musk from my pelt
and when i howl
it is only the full-throated who answer
the awful truth when asking oneself the key to enlightenment
personal happiness
or even just true despair

one must be honest assessing the program as it may appear
when times are spent smoking and drinking and fighting and fucking then
who can i blame
but myself and yourself and everyone we know for making me feel so

of all of these nights we spend in these fields watching these stars die in front of our eyes
of all of the days we've wasted away at shit-jobs in these pisshole towns

so when asking oneself the key to
you're a mess.
so dont bother
just turn yourself down
a slap in the face
that's all you need.

just go to your job
and come out tonight
don't bother to ask any questions

i steal from the stores and
i can't be trusted and
i just don't give a fuck
and i'm
what's it to you?
who go