Q Stealing's not Nice but

stealing's not nice
if it helped you resolve
may i shake his hand
while you steal them back

if i promise,
and it is true,
i'll take everything of you that i can
if you let me
promise to take everything of me?

Copr 1999
amy or lie. bad.

little white lies and stealing from the rich are acceptable.
marjorie I stole my personality from a guy standing on the corner. I didn't think he needed on, and I didn't really have a personality of my own. Now I have expressions that I say are my own, and I have ideas that do not really come from me... 000214
Homer "Stealing! How could you? Haven't you learned anything from that guy who gives those sermons at church? Captain whats-his-name?" 000217
barnaclebill and then you have the types that say
"steal from the Bitch, and give to the Whore."
bone I'll steal your words. Eat them up. Editing slightly. I walk around feeling kind of itchy. A random word made right by god. never gonna get by. 010305
florescent light steal my fucking pain.

Am I feeling pain?

I can't tell anymore.

Or is it happiness?

The two have become one.
I am the happinest I have ever been, but I'm ready to die?

Then I am not happy.
I have the world at my fingertips.
Life is exciting.
But at the same time it's exactly the oposite. It's drull. Because I know that the future holds two things...happiness and unhappiness.
And I've already felt those two feelings.

Do I feel lonely?
Not really. A little, sometimes.
Maybe I'm repressing something.
Maybe I'm denying something.
Maybe I'm just nuts.
Or maybe I've got it all figured out.
Maybe I'm becoming closer to figuring it out, and the closer I become, the less I like what I find.

They say that you can't fully understand something until you can see the paradox.
Maybe I have found the paradox to my life if I can love it , and at the same time be ready to leave it.
Maybe I'm just screwed up.
But if I was, nobody would know.
Nobody knows my thoughts. Most people don't ask. Nobody asks.
Maybe I'm fooling myself into being happpy.
Maybe I'm kidding myself about being sad.
I have a desire to get into other people's heads and I've really never understood why.
Maybe classes will be closed tomorrow.
Maybe I don't want to die, maybe I just want to look into somebody's eyes, and have them see into me and say, I understand.
But I think that is an impossibility.
Maybe that's why I like that guy so much, because I think he can understand more than most people.
Maybe I should tell him that.
Maybe I shouldn't waste my time.
I can't even tell if I feel lonely or not.
It's like, I do. But then when I start to think about it, and I don't.
I'm tired of wasting my time talking to people who are meaningless.
But who is meaningful to me in my life?
Most of the people I care about now won't stay in my life.
Why should I share myself with them if they will just leave?
melvinwang everybody does it. most don't admit it. they steal phrases, happiness, abstract things. the only thing that can save us is silence. 010620
paste! that's a bit dramatic, eh? i think, from a communicative standpoint, that "stealing" is better termed collaboration, homage, sharing. much like here; although there is a lot of crap to weed through, every now and then something really funny, sharp, poignant, even innovative pops up. and sometimes this is through ordinary speech full of cliche, abstraction, borrowed emotion, dead language, etc. there's no end to what's familiar, but that's no reason to fade into silence. and once a new medium becomes available, how long before it gets used up too? like past schools of avant-gardism, once recognized they become no longer original? nah, well sure, as a form, but the ideas are still there...anyhow, blah blah tangent gravy.

jacques cousteau quote in rushmore:

"when one man, for whatever reason, has the opportunity to lead an extraordinary life, he has no right to keep it to himself."

i think everyone should think they are extraordinary and babble away accordingly.
unhinged the painful irony and the nagging feeling that you know more than i told you when you told me to download the song 'don't let him steal your heart away' by phil collins and maybe even more the qualifying comment of 'this is a song for the hurt' just makes me laugh. but it's one of those pained bitter type laughs. i think you've heard it many times but never made the connection. 010620
nmb when I was a drug-addict I used to steal things from the store and then re-sell them to mini-markets. Things like AAA batteries and sensor razorblades and monistat and ept's. Then I'd go buy more crack. I'd go to 4-5 stores a day. This guy I knew used to go to auto-parts stores and steal tools and headlight sets and put them in his pants. I'd help him steal makeup and nailpolish from the drugstores. Stealing is really stupid. If you get caught stealing enough times it's a felony. Jail really, really, really sucks. 011103
somedaysam steal away
in the sun's first rays
don't wake me when you go
but leave me sleeping just so
I can linger in our dream
where everything can be real, it seems
as though you're truly here,
awakening alone is my greatest fear
beck my body home 021126
Nathan88 did i steal her heart from another? it seems she was well aware of love just not being loved in return...just because some one doesnt love you the way you want them too, doesnt mean they dont love you with all they have... 021127
me steal love from my addiction to you 021218
Emily to take (or borrow permanently) without permission 030407
minnesota_chris how about mp3s on Kazaa? 030407
pi rodney mullen stole my balance...
he probably has yours as well
JD Jesus stole my fabric softner,
Rodney Mullen stole my balance,
David Koresh stole my religious concept, and MC Hammer stole my dance moves (but I can't touch him cause he obtained the copyright);
So I think I'll steal the coin operated rocket ship form K-Mart.
Cherry_Springwater I think that if you know they'd say yes if you asked, its okay to take it. A glass of milk, some change, a lighter, maybe a cig or two. But if they'd say no, don't do it. Obviously, by this logic, you shouldn't even consider taking something from someone you can't predetermine. 030930
ceiling map Odd that to feel i have no right to watch sci-fi without a dedicated male fan beside me (perhaps its the dedication of the male fan that i enjoy, and not what transpires on the flickering screen)
i love to sample another's enthusiasm, im drawn in and smothered in foreign optimism. i find it fascinating because i feel incapable of such inspiration myself. dont want to learn a language when there's no one there to converse with. dont want to draw a picture no one will see.
devils advocate says: if you draw it, they will look
hmmm, not enough
what's it to you?
who go