amy how many words don't have links? how many people sleep on the streets? 980906
eric a definition kinda depends on how you scale the idea of connection. from one angle, everything is connected -- but that's a pretty nebulous definition. i really wanted to say that we're all connected here in the act of connecting words through blather. charley and angelea said that blather is an evolving entity. i think it is really cool that it is being created by the infusion of all of our ideas, thoughts, beliefs, and energies, and that we are connected in the evolution of this thing. it gives me a warm yellow feeling. 980907
[marissa] a connection
(of the best sort)
knows no mathematical
equation; no formula
to describe its electrifying
rhythm; no words to voice
its pulse.
a connection
(of the most wonderfully
frightening sort)
descends from a tight-noosed
stare of four eyes, two pairs:
merging on a single plane of

daxle connections exist regardless of our noticing them. what we can't describe with an equation now is only a space of our weakness. 990422
Jeff @ Newdream we touch:
a connection

we kiss:
a connection

we hold on:
a connection

...then we let go.
ricmariem even though from the start
i know its just there
i don't know if my heart
wanted it to last long, is it fair?
oodles Walt Whitman's right. We're all connected. We have the same problems, the same thoughts, the same feelings. So why is it so hard for us to understand one another? 000419
lost i hate letting go. it's all good until you have to let go, and say good bye. 011020
Geek not being alone 011118
whoknows ive lost it 011118
ClairE Carson_McCullers insists it's not there. Apparently Walt_Whitman, and many_others, think it is.

Depends--can connection ever be separated from the mental?
D y a n n e connections dont exist
only flase connections we wish were there so we could share things with each other but all the connections are fake
Freak When you don't have to explain what you mean. 021029
amelia connection; that which i share with you. i wake to feel the pull of addition and subtraction of your presence, something which i beg the gods to never eliminate. 030224
femme nexus 030411
User24 do you feel it? 031027
mozie It is powerful, moving and simple. Defined by the moment.
Changing costantly.
Lemon_Soda Everything is connected. 031124
nonsensical we are connected through that phone conversation. for five minutes you were all mine.i can still hear your voice. and then just the dial tone. 031124
cantstand I feel everyone. I have never seen them or seen them every day its like i can feel their heart beating from across the room and i want to wrap myself inside them and know them all and im sad knowing i'll never be there in the smallest and greatest of circles when they laugh those laughs that arent forced and smile smiles that make their face look like it was meant to be 040627
alf Who knows 040926
Syrope i'm trying really hard to make this make sense

talking about problems has never made anything better for me in my life

but you're unlike anyone i've ever loved before as it is

eventually it won't be such a big surprise
no reason how does one feel an amazingly significant connection while the other doesn't feel it at all? 050725
epitome of incomprehensibility It's not quantum physics,
It's human relations.
Not department of,
Or such trite equations.
A physical mass,
Increasing velocity
Silent in love
Now with ferocity
Turns and abandons
Friendly disguises
Torn into shreds
The blue moon rises
hsg mastering_the_art_of_effort

Go Another Mile Everywhere...
is the GAME...
no reason i wonder how many real, intense connections a person feels in a lifetime 100503
no reason i refuse to believe i imagined this one 120216
heartfeltsuperego i fail
to make
with consistency
of frequency
stas a meeting between a me and a you 201223
unhinged weak
what's it to you?
who go