deb i'm so deep

MollyGoLightly seeing a link between love and roses. calling hearts things that break in two. 000321
Brad what about a I-IV-V chord progression... the musical equivalent of a link between love and roses. And so many pop musicinas do it and say "i'm so deep..." This is why i'm an elitist. 000322
unhinged it would be so much better if pop musicians weren't so goddamn chromatically judgemental and used some borrowed chords here and there, a fully diminished two seven, a minor four, a flat major six....the list goes on 001213
-b- this seems like a good place to find trite phrases for a web design assignment. 060411
dafremen A word that has come to define itself.

Try "overused" or "repetitious" next time, oh pretentious one.
epitome of incomprehensibility Maybe it's like twerk. You add a "t" to something and it becomes more specific and turns into a dance move. Work is about doing supposedly useful things; twerking, naturally, is about shaking your ass. So "trite" is almost exactly like "right" or "write," except it's all about wiggling your toes. 140521
e_o_i (My logic is unassailable, so don't rock the boat.) 140521
unhinged just_friends
e_o_i A past blathe that actually made me laugh. Well done, 2014 self?

(Swerving now, going to something unhinged said before with this word):

I don't think Sylvia_Plath ever seemed trite to me, exactly; some of her poems "click" for me and others don't, and the reason I gave was the seeming appropriateness of the metaphors.

But as to that, I wasn't really taking her historical situation into account, as regards feeling trapped both by depression and gender expectations.

Also, I said it didn't make sense for her to compare things to World War 2, and she was way closer to WW2, timewise, than I am.
e_o_i redirects ah, the blathe was phoenix_girls, not Sylvia_Plath 200906
unhinged i want to say plath had a german heritage on at least one side of her family...might be wrong though

i know at one time holocaust metaphors were considered in bad taste and i think that is why i admire, love her use of them in that poem (daddy?). i was a closet punk in high school and anything with the whiff of anti-establishment or rebellion attracted my heart like a magnet. especially because by then i was living in a weird rural town that was distinctly divided between farmers on one hand and doctors and lawyers on the other. but i had grown up in a more homogenous blue collar suburban place. i felt like my parents had moved me backwards into another era. and i kinda worshipped mrs lenk in that adolescent way that alienated nerdy kids are want to worship teachers that challenge the popular kids.

so there was something electric to those metaphors for me

maybe also because my partially german father was obsessed with world war two because his father machined parts for the atomic bombs on tinian island during the war. as cable television expanded and channels like the history channel came into existence he would sit in his recliner in front of the tv and watch hours upon hours of documentaries about hitler and the nazis.

the only way we remember is if we retell the stories, say the names, use the words
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