deb strange how my three closest friends
in chicago had the names of my brothers..
andy, allen/alan, matt.
one day they sat in front of me
for something or other,
and i noticed they were even in the
right order...
i lauged out loud and they turned around..

god, did that make me feel stupid..
Tess confuse. i get that now. but i can still see the truth in a strawberry (albeit a truth once removed, for this particular girl). 000108
oodles If I ever have a little boy, I think I will name him Isaac because it means laughter, and laughter (along with love) is the cure for everything wrong in the world. 000128
birdmad i have had so many of them 000402
fairydust my friend told me recently that her fingers seem to have personalities. i almost suggested that she give them names, but then i realized they might seem to go astray and become independent if she gave them names, she would loose control of them, hence i said nothing. 000403
have so much behind them
who I love
and wondergirl
what I call myself
and this gregg guy and some MollyGoLightly chick who seem to post an awful lot and whom I keep following around for some strange reason
Brad I have decided only that my first child, boy or girl, should have the middle name "Sphere." It only seems to make sense for me. 000527
silentbob so many names on a list of names of girls i liked and girls i was forced to give up on and i dont want your name on that list. 000703
For sure! you know you love 'em. they've got big books of 'em. you just gotta have one. you can even change 'em! be unique... be original... be bold, ooh yeah! 000712
.sunshine. my first will be named tristan sky 010505
m_e what do you think of sophia? call her sophie. or marine? is that spelled right? how about madison? 010522
burden Rufus Porter. Nobody can take that from me. Please. 010524
ClairE; meaning "bright; illustrious" like so much, depend on the weather.

They only mean what you attach to them.

That is what makes them so interesting.

I am a name_dork. I read baby_name_books for fun.
pigeon_hater my name is debby. that's it. not debra, or deborah.. just plain ole debby.. with a "y" at that.. not even an "ie" like most of the other debby's out there. but a "Y" i was cursed with a nickname for a first name. i guess it was my mother's revenge being named "Cathy". 040518
jolie laide Debby should call herself Deborah
to confuse people.
Like, when people say,
"is Debby short for Deborah?"
you can tell them instead,
"oh Deborah is long for Debby"

well it would amuse me, anyway.
pigeon lol.. what a great idea.. now i'm here to list all my_names_on_blather


life changes and so does the name.
the fire inside i went to my own 'w h o' page and i found i had blathed under 8 different names. I really have to settle on one. 041015
no reason i shall change my name to:


yes all right goodnight.
h|s|g i avoid them. why? 101208
what's it to you?
who go