Quintessensual to be confused is human,
to confuse is divine,
or is it the other way around?
Miner Oh to confuse love with longing. Am I really in love? Or is this just a passing phase, do I really love her, or is it just a desperate need to not feel so alone. How should i know anything anymore, when everything, all my hopes, all my dreams, all my fears and all my problems melt into one swirling mass of fucked up emotional chaos. 010521
twicksytrix confuddled?
at the moment?
hmm, uh ok why not?
x twisted x you confuse me, you really do.
but i love every moment of it.
pSyche his little sister came up to me.
"my brother likes you, you know." she said
"umm... okay." I said.
"so... um... what am i supposed to do about this?"
"avoid him." she said.
this just confuses me.
What ARE you supposed to do when a guy's little sister comes up to you and says her brother likes you?
. maybe you should take her advice and avoid him? 050316
what's it to you?
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