like rain. i've been trying to sketch out the way you make me feel onside on paper in a ball-point red pen but it's not working because this is utterly indescribably completely abstract but if you hold me i think





Phil When you look at one thing, and it's moving back and forth, not far enough to be impossible. And the thing right next to it, is doing the same thing. But you can't look at one without the other appearing to walk away. 010521
Sol the witch is dead the wicked witch the witch is dead 010521
tiny snapdragon it's nice not to be made of sugar. 010710
Sparticus billowing flame
spreads so easily
like life leaping


no lonely night goes unpunished

my heart is a molten wax sculpture
poured into your mold
ferret running from demons locked within
i try to stand against the sin
my boredom stemmed from mine own soul
i still have yet to grin again

the temptation's always there
i can see it everywhere
'twould drag me down and i would cry
not another dreadful sigh

cliche's spinning round and round
as i lay them on the ground
cut them into pieces now
pull them from the lost and found

lost within and needing more
heartbreak lies behind closed door
secrets lost but found again
nobody left to be a friend

find myself to make ammends
long lost brother's plans can bend
all my life and soul to spend
forever following the trend...
Bri soul seeping through your pores, let it melt into the wind. 040307
what's it to you?
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