come now
and look at this thing
see it's curve?
see it's shape?

start one finger at either end and follow the edge of its curve with each, moving towards each other.
Will they meet?
miniver impossible concentration 000529
whirligirl okay. now turn around and hug me!
then put me down and hug someone else, while i go hug this other guy. and then come back to me and hug me again. etcetera!
SiP Circle
top of a mug
All these things can be round.
Sandwiches come in 'rounds', but that's not quite the same...
rubydee the word i use to describe my father
round and plump buddha belly
for years i secretly believed
he had a baby in there

we used to rub his tummy for luck
over the shirt, of course

now the sight of his tight belly-flesh
makes me ill
i wonder what kind of diseases
he is harboring
in the fat

you would think someone
with such a penchant for pornos
would care a little more
about his own flabbiness

he huffs when walking up stairs
fifty years of being pregnant
i can't imagine
little idiot i guess everything comes around full circle eventually.. but im not sure i can wait that long.
it's felt like a million years already, and nothing has changed.
nobody gets what they deserve.. the karma police have all run away.
Vaz How round is a sphere when round describes a circle? Round across two dimensions. 040402
Vaz How round is a sphere when round describes a circle? Round across two dimensions... 040402
Vaz Repetition is round. 040402
Q Without a jack hammer, it's futile to try to drive a round steel peg, of radius r, through a square hole with steel walls and an area less than 4(r squared). 060215
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