Dallas Sometimes, I'd like to take my middle finger and ram it down somebody's throat. I don't really want to hurt them, but it'd feel good to be able to channel that feeling sometime. 980908
Emma mine are cold. it makes it difficult to type. Someone should turn the damn heat up. 981024
thenestor Better yet... someone should invent a heated keyboard.

We could make millions, dammit.
Emma aah! brilliant!

no, really, i should get an ergonomic keyboard, or whatever the adjective is. i can feel my carpal-tunnel syndrome coming a mile away.
Rainer Krauss did ya know you could use dictation software and microphones instead of typing? so you could just speak out what you want to have typed and use your fingers for more useful stuff .... like drinking tea, writing postcards, dialing phone numbers, playing on your elder sibling's gameboy, run around in the kitchen and prepare dinner, operate your teller maschine, make pencil drawings, and most important: pillow your head on your palms and daydream 990205
Emma TS Finger:
A digit used for pointing, typing, poking, playing, and other misc events. See also, middle finger, fingertips, and finger food.
jupiter what would a lesbian do without her magical fingers... 991208
BoofPixie is best when its a verb. 000308
dean-bean I like my fingers as nouns. We musn't go around making nouns into verbs. It isn't healthy, and the nouns just get jealous. If you attach ing to the end of it thats fine, a nice gerund. fingerING is is very nice, but my fingers get all shrivelly before it gets to the end. 000310
Silent Bob down into the red
where the shore of the pink washes up
the hair manuvers with thrusts
hot passionate breath

I'm really good at this!
silentbob centipedes ramble in the underbrush
i smile and nod
i don't explain my face.
i avert my eyes
and cut off my middle finger.
if only you ever knew
i love the same girl as you
and i go back again to that place that makes me cry
and whine
and kick
and beg
Why can't girls see inside me?
just look me in the eye
let me penetrate your soul
learn my message but forget my voice.
i don't know if you ever knew this...
but i like love, too
and the only way i get it is through hugs and friendly compliments
hand shakes
i don't need to fuck everything i see
why do you want those that do?
why can't just once you want something that will actually appreciate you...
Wayne this stupid mouse pointer is so small it looks like it's giving me the finger everytime i pass over a link 010614
florescent light Origins of the Middle Finger:

Two countries were engaged in war- (I think the English and I'm not sure of the other one)
well , the middle finger was used for plucking bows and arrows. If the enemy captured the other, they would cut the middle finger off, to prevent them from plucking.
well, when one side one the war, they all stuck there middle fingers up and said Pluck You! to the losing side.
that is the origin.
no lie.
ur mom no dirty 010928
paste! how many fingers am I holding up?
if you guessed two, you’re wrong.
i am holding up one,
one twisted middle branch
that’s looks like a lightning bolt.
silentbob thats the origin for the holding up of two fingers, because in england they dont hold up the middle one, they hold up two.

i imagine the middle finger has a similar story.
birdmad england and france, circa the hundred_year's_war 011115
Mahayana: Zakah: Sangha Jewels of Refuge ... weaving in her eyes 011217
bhayes Mine are twisted and knarled from a kind fall and half a winters' work, some worse than others. When I complain, I back it with "I have a job, right on!" Even better, it comes with a box that helps me convey my thoughts to all you strangers out in strangerland. 020121
the eye

the aspiration to glide these fingertips and palms of mine over her hands and shoulders and the landscape of her face

to let this serve as the prelude to a kiss and a further kissing as the prelude to even more passionate happenings, the dramatic vistas of hips and breasts and the small of her back, yielding sweetly to my inquisitive touch

the desire to know more intimately the mind that intrigues me
the soul that sets me alight even when she storms like hurricanes
the fierce heart that drives her
and the beautiful vessel that contains them

aching like fever
pralines&cream Am i a pervert if i first thought of this word as a verb? 020408
J i saw liz at the mall and called her name out loud...and when she looked i gave her the finger and smiled. she looked shocked. nahhh, alil more stupid than shocked. 020902
spades41 when Sophia gave the homeless man (whose name was Alfred) her last twenty dollars, he threw the money back at her, and gave her the finger. 021116
0of46 where's your little brother kyle?!?!

where's that finger been kyle?!?!

hehehehe, southpark....
:P me...

socialretard faking the pointing in one dirction or the other.
his hands were all about exibition...the gain and conquor type tip topeing away and crawling back at first threat....
of his hands being so soft and giving of energy freely.
not steel beams.
that his fingers would feed my emotions without me even trying...
that he would replace my want with need.
a smart replacement, indeed.
littleidiot finger deep within the borderline... 021214
blown cherry there is something wrong, and weird, and kinda gross about mine. 030608
blown cherry and I just discovered it's not alone! ugh! 030608
a sweet girl i broke the little one on my left hand last week.

i have no idea how.

and i'm glad i don't remember it, because i can imagine it must have hurt.

and not two days later, my big toe got stuck under a steel door at work, as i opened it. let me tell you, of the two broken appendages, the toe was definately more painful.

i mean, i have to walk for fuck sakes.

i've just had a really bad week.
equivocal slide inside
to ride my tide.

I eye your pride
then you confide
Fire&Roses Touch me somewhere deep inside
Beat an ancient rhythm on my gates
Open the floodgates and fill me up.
Carry me into delerium and over the edge
Hold my world on two of your fingers
x i'm giving it to you 030810
River An instrument used for the completion of tasks which effect our own lives and the lives of others in however a small way... Including the rapping of a keyboard. 030923
p1 * Finger_and_Moon * 040609
Finger ? 040609
birdmad each of mine are long and slightly crooked, with long and pointy nails, the tips of which are well acquainted with my palms, they dig little crescents that look like the moon 040609
beathanie i lilke to finger my self!!! 050314
me my ringfinger is longer than my pointer finger, which supposeldy means i have violent tendancies...

i should prolly start buying the vicadin now...
what's it to you?
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