no reason being single at 30 isn't nearly as much fun as being single at 20. and it's not so much that i mind it on a day-to-day basis, but somehow others seem to. whenever i go to an event alone, people seem wary of me. does it seem odd that i don't have a date? does it seem like i have a hidden agenda? is it somehow odd or inappropriate for me to talk to certain people if i'm alone?

it could be that people act weird/cool/uncomfortable for other reasons, but i'm not sure why it happens with people i barely know.

it sure is lonely when it's not "socially acceptable" to talk to people.
no reason i should add that these events in question are ones where i already know a lot of people attending, though some obviously not very well 120608
a clever disguise We are marked women, we are. 120608
FA113N My girlfriend is threatening to kill herself. Must be a monday.

Seriously, what happened to drama that was romantic?
what's it to you?
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