psyki so you're sweetheartbroken
that's too bad, i'm sorry

do you have a bed to lay your head on?

seems i've slipped into oblivion

how did this beautiful trip
turn into something so terrible?

you've had a lot of practice

why did i miss everything?

the world keeps spinning
and it makes no sense to you

you're leaving?
so soon?
but it's only four in the morning

i'll never have sex with you
on your birthday
ever again
Q essence ? thankz 010522
021123 021123 021123
silentbob today i wrote the date 02 03 04 040203
pete she said that we should go on one, then asked for my number and gave me hers. now i'm quivering on the inside excited for passion renewed, just waiting for a more appropriate hour to dial. 050925
ryah a missed call a forgotten call a waiting by the phone an uneventful day a realization 081130
a clever disguise I have a date on Sunday.

Holy Geez.
a clever disguise Aw, shit. 120527
REAListic optimIST My birthday yesterday was just a date,
Yet its intricacies felt like fate.
In short, my happiness was made
By a puppet show and stuffed animal parade.

By standing in the public spotlight,
I affirmed intentions that felt right.
When witnessed by folks in my life,
They manifest with much less strife.
what's it to you?
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