typhoid perfection
long lasting
m building and rebuilding
catching glimpses of
rainy, grey mornings and
sick beds
my house is your house
is our house
we practice, incessantly
pretend we are
unhinged ROOM #8
If Death had a curfew
I'd be sure to be out
spending my time
holding a prayer
fosteria blowing to the wind
in high beam head lights
schizophrenic fits
of uncontainable laughter
jumbled in evidence
of a razorblade
eclipsing binaries twinkling
on the white erections
of hypocritical christianity
seen from a distant hilltop
to strains of Angst's cacophony
You are living inside of a joke
don't wait up
Death is staying out late tonight

( ivet )
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phil sorry my pinky is messed up from using the mouse to much 020318
marjorie keep at it
maybe one day you'll learn to tie those shoes
then you can throw aside the velcro
and the pink kitty heads pulled taut
over your feet
strings strings
you want to tie your shoes
and you want to play the violin
User24 hi, I'm calling in relation to an application I've made to study Information Technology and Philosophy with you this october, the application number is (blahblahblah). I really just phoned to say that I really want to come and study with you, I know I haven't got the relevant qualifications, but as I said in my personal statement, I feel a calling to study, and this really is true, I enjoy expanding my knowledge of everything, and I think that IT and Philosophy are an ideal combination for me; I can express philosophical ideas via computers. Also, you seem a perfect choice for me - the course encompasses everything I'm interested in, and Lampeter seems like an ideal learning environment for me - I hate living in a city [although Northampton's not a city, it is the largest town in the UK], so the remoteness would be a benefit for me, give me some space focus on studying. Also, from a purely practical viewpoint, you accept a large proportion of mature students, which aside from the obvious attraction, means that, hopefully, the atmosphere will be less typically 'studenty', and more about actually learning the disipline.

Anyway, I've probally filled half of the tape up by now, so thankyou for listening and considering me. I won't let you down. thankyou.
TK stalking u again sounds good, you ever go through w/ that? 040116
u24 actaully, no, I didn't.. but it turns out I didn't need to, either. got an unconditional offer from Lampeter. so now me and Linds are going to Lampeter on the 3rd to the 5th of Feb, so that Linds can have an interview. If she gets accepted, then we're off!

mon yay :) 040124
deb I stand with dish in hand,
talking aloud to no one,
reciting the words,
trying them on to see
how they fit.
I ramble on to myself,
forcing each word
into being,
weaving them into
this explanation
I wish I did not need...
And suddenly,
I crumble,
sitting upon the kitchen floor,
face buried in
empty hands,
dry sobs echoing.
Have I cried so much
These words,
twisted thus,
will never have
a happy tone.
How could they?
I tremble
and try to be certain
they exit properly,
but there is no
right way
to say something
as dark as this.

And so, I think of him again,
and seethe.
what's it to you?
who go