unhinged "when i stand in front of the wind band at 9:58 and listen to everyone warming up before i tune, it sounds better than this. this is just sheer cacophony. violin concerto....yeah right."

jason hastings
TalviFatin loud clattering noise 010731
Sparticus Cacophony

The musty steam
Its like a stream
The rot inside
It makes us die
And I want to get away from the hate

I feel your face
Inside my hands
This race I cannot win
You understand

And our love it kills
The fish that drown in the oil
Our gills are stuffed and oxygen
Can’t reach
It cannot reach
The air cannot reach
Our lungs
To breathe

I hold you tight
Inside my eyes
Hands that slip
As you fall
Blown away when you smelt defeat

At night I flail
And scream in rage
Your body kills and fills
My burnt desire

And your breath it blooms
Like a rose that burst too quick
Bleached sun blinds our eyes and we
Can’t see
We cannot see
Sunblind cannot see
Our eyes
To know

I want to breath you in
Fresh and cleaned
I want to see me here
In your rapture
You will get right through
In truth I know just this
My love

And here I stand
A broken man
Cut shoals loathe
Boat can’t float
On the rocks borne without strength

Your hair is wild
It set me free
Loving you
Is our disease

And I sing to you
Inside sleep you fight to hear
The voices clog the ears and you
Can’t hear
You cannot hear
Voices drown out notes
Of my songs
To love

Fighting wrathful sin
Wears souls down
Living in blackened hate
Topples towers
You will get right through
In truth I know just this
My love

The fish can’t breathe
And I can’t see
Red roses die
And voices scream
We fight to live against

And this is plain truth
I’ve told to you that you fight
Your beauty numbs my soul and I
Can’t feel
I cannot feel
Beauty fells the hate
I told you not
To feel
pete the cacophony exploded as job was berated by the forth 'comforter.' yahweh came out from the wings, spinning in her bed sheets and trying not to fall as four different random and unfitting tracks played ontop of eachother. she span and span and span, then bent over to fart in job's general directoin. as she stumbled off stage she through a stylish orange jacket at him, symbolic of his regained wealth.... 040613
superleni the opposite to constipation.

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