ikon I think I love the stage so much because up there, I know exactly what to say. I know how to say it to get what i want. and i know that no matter what, things could always be better tommorrow. real life is just one big improv that everyone's a lot better at than i am. 000219
moonshine Some of the best times I ve ever had... the dance floor was empty. 000611
jestification i love being up there.
behind the mic is a vacation spot.
i can say what i need without a pause.
because the mic gave me an invitation.
and they're proud of me.

i love looking up there.
my friends make such great music.
and i'm proud of them.

there's no deep meaning.
no metaphor that i cling to.
it's just love.
girl_jane The lights are so warm.
I never want to leave.
But I know I'll have to.
I have to get down sometime. U
p there,
I'm not me.
I'm somebody else,
and I get to escape
I feed off the
energy of the
the lights,
the costumes,
the makeup,
the 'break a leg's and 'good luck's
and when they leave,
I know I'll
run out of gas
and sit on the side of the
waiting for the tow-truck.
girl_jane home 020604
trixie i grew up there. the smell that a stage always takes me back, instantly. i love how dusty and thrown together they are. i love the dirty old costumes on dry cleaning hangers. there is a wealth of history in a stage and one feels calmed by it's authority and power when everything else is going to shit. the day you move into the theater is priceless. i love staying after hours to hang lights with the techies and eat taco bell on the curb with the choreographer who wants to tell you all the reasons why the director should be shot and killed. most of all i love, love, love seeing my parents in the second row, never the first, laughing it up because it is their proudest moment because they can justify who i am. it's just this wonderful, old, dirty, mysterious, and thrilling profession and I'm glad I do it. 030429
Dimorph stage fright is greater then the fear of death (says some) 040108
simsimma And all the world is a fucking stage ain't it?
So many players u'd think i was a board game.
Being pushed and shoved, moved around at will.
Well,this scene's over and im about to start a whole new play.
Im running this show , instead of running away.
Im not afraid of you , i dont want your fuckin approval anymore,i dont care if you dont love me cuz i cant fucking stand you.
I'll wear what i want , do what i please , it's my show and you cant stop me.
Turn your nose up all you want, better pray i dont just break it.
I never meant to hate you, you made me this way.
Disappointments and hurts one after the other.
Why didnt you just take me to the mall today, oh no, tv was more important.
Well fuck you daddy,
Lights, camera, action!
what's it to you?
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