silentbob they sit, awestruck listening to every word the singer sings.
it isn't the type of show to get up and yell. its a folk show. they sit quietly, being exhillerated by her beautiful voice.
Then Untouchable_face comes on and someone SCREAMS because she loves it, breaking the silence.
the other audience members shh her
Marjorie they won't stop clapping
hands over ears
running from the crowd
they won't stop clapping
and it's getting so so loud
heart racing back and forth
into territories new
they won't stop clapping
i'm running from you
Zoe all my life (well, since i was 5) i've done drama. i wonder why? i really don't even like it that much. it's ok. the one thing i really like is the feeling that you get right before a huge performance when you look at the audience and all you see is a bunch of faces. the place is filled! it's so exciting. you take a deep breath and deliver your lines. that is when i know that i only do this for the audience. 000717
yummychuckle i stand on stage and hear the audience cheering but they don't understand what I meant by what i just said and they don't know me. 010601
Qazual i stare at the audience in void moments of anticipation. eye to eyes, i see what they see, a nervous me. firmly i stand in front of a podium holding moist palms rehearsing verses in my head. i tune my own voice out to picture a naked assembly in. a sudden jerk, its done like when i was on top of her, caused me to awake with applause 050125
daxle we love our audience 050125
minnesota_chris I write for my audience, I always have. Could be some sort of insecurity, I don't know. But when I'm done, I have writings that I enjoy rereading, over and over.

Whereas when I'm venting, it's painful for me to reread.
Isaou I brought down the sky for you but all you did was shrug

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