djdown I can't take that kind of pressure. 980916
ksh verry good!!!! 990201
meli It's all about the rhythm. 000105
Q Sometimes There Is No Standing Ovation

Sometimes there is no standing ovation;
yet the play receives rave reviews
from those who are there,
no matter the distance between them,
for as long as they can remember.
Imagination and creation unbridled,
just inspiration of appetencial warmth,
irrepressible touch starting with only fingertips,
soft whisper breath to ear or eye,
all these, too, make daylilly seeds.

Copr. 2000
hedwig.child don't you know me?

i'm the new berlin wall, baby.
try and tear me down.
salty pepper mick_jagger

oh man.
a close freind of harry flowers Didn't I see you down in San Antone'
On a hot and dusty night?
You were eatting eggs in Sammy's
When a Black man drew his knife,
And you drowned that Jew in Ramton
As he washed his sleevless shirt.
You know, that Spanish-speaking
Gentleman, the one that we all called Kurt.
Come now, Gentlemen,
I know there's some Mistake,
How forgetful I'm Becoming, Now, Fix your business, Shirt.
And didn't I see you down
In Hemlock Row, back in 1956,
You were a faggoty little Leather Boy With a smaller piece of stick.
You were a lashing smashing
Hunk of man whose sweat shines Sweet and strong,
Your organs working perfectly,
But there's a part
That's not screwed on.
And weren't you at the Coke Convention back in 1965,
You were the misbred grey executive I'd seen heavelly advertised,
You're the great grey man
Who's Daughter licks
Policemans buttons clean,
You're the man who squats
Behind the man
That works the Soft Machine.
Come now, Gentlemen,
Your Love is all I crave,
You'll still be in the Circus
When I'm Laughing;
Laughing in my Grave!
When the Old men do the fighting, And the Young Men all look on,
And the Young Girls eat
Their Mothers Meat
From tubes of Plasticon,
Be wary please,
My gentle Freinds,
Of all the skins You breed.
They have a tasty habit,
To eat the hand that bleeds.
Oh Rosie dear,
Don't You think it's queer,
So stop Me if You please.
"The baby's dead." My Lady said.
You Gentlemen,
You ALL work for Me!
no reason it was almost perfect, despite the end. the end was not at all perfect. still, i was almost happy with it. i'm going to try and feel this way again now . ok?
so i just need you to get_out_of_my_head.
marjorie it will all begin at 7! or 8! whichever comes first 040914
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