Brad All of the world and much of the natural universe can be condensed down into this neat little package of a word. Everything is rhythm... it glues the world together. Two against three, five against four... seven... it's all in the trees, the light, the colors and shapes. It's all rhythm. It comforts us... it is our heartbeat, our thinking, our speech patterns, our vision... all is rhythmic, and rhythmic harmony. Nature is rhythm... not time, not patterns, not beats... but rhythm, pure and simple. 000313
Insolence Oscillating Circuits, LFO Amps, Diode Rectifiers,
Come together in a beat that brings me back to nature,
This is when I feel alive,
Syrope listen to the rhythm of the universe
listen to the universe pulsate

can be mundane, boring, put-you-to-sleep disappointing
but then, it can be sensual, even erotic, orgasmic.

the basis of human life - breathing, heartbeats, nerve pulses

rhythm of entropy, rhythm of chaos.
like ocean waves
blown cherry my heart has no rhythm.
no tempo
no time signature
no beat
that it can keep up with.

then slow
then stop
then catch up.

Then too fast.
Too fast.
Too fast.
Too fast.

It's blocking my airways.

My heart is trying to kill me.
bencvt it began in Africa 021015
ROFL I'm going to tap my toes to it. 031012
ashchap where'd the vowels go? 040731
kookaburra ive got my man,
who could ask for anything more?
Forming Mind I've spoke so long. Like this. Jagged sentences or jagged thoughts. Or beeming ideas that come in spurts. So long that this is how I think. How I've thought. It's all a rhythm beating internly. It won't stop. My words flow in beats. I try to make sense of them to speak. But my thoughts they flow in this sanctuary of tunes. In rhythm they beat. 041212
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