spikey-ho Harmony is when everything joins together in perfect, peaceful balance. It's when everything isn't fucked up, harmony rarely happends. Inner harmony has become a fairy tale and harmony in the outside world? Look towards dying nature, everything else is ordered chaos. 991216
Brad My concept of this seems to be a bit skewed compared to that of others... i love putting intervals of minor seconds in the inner voices, and outer voices... creating these great little rubs that really make the hair stand up on your neck. I love clusters. It makes people look at me kinda funny... and probably wonder if i know what i am doing. Perhaps they fail to understand how boring tertian harmony is. At least the musicians, the people that know better and actually count, know the difference. P.S. I am an elitist. 000313
girl is a pathetic fantasy shared by those who refuse to b honest with themselves 000326
stan If the way you are being taught harmony seems way over-complicated, you are correct. I was led out of my confusion by one who knew, and wishing to keep this information, i offer to pass it along. 000731
ellen cherry charles when you're singing the same song with someone else but you take a different part that adds variety and spice but blends at the same time.
so it's unity and a little dissonance at the same time.
distinctly separate.
an analogy to what my ideal relationship would be
ClairE Yes, I failed. 020107
Mahayana: Zakah: perhaps;
harmony failed you

[there always are]
[more than 1 way]
[2 do things]

as retired Nike would say:
just do it!

{[did u know/the lady whom created the nike logo (swoosh)/was paid only 30 dollars for it, way back when]}
WingedSerpent Each was a song and i was the dissonant note jokingly penciled in by a hack or a prankster 020107
imposter Two Voices

Two voices, joined together, like the vines in my garden.

The two rise, twisted and inseparable, climbing the trellises of the musical scales. The Morning Sunshine outside my window plays on green and blue and blue and green, perfect reverberation caressing my ear and enthralling my Fancy. Lifting harmonies to Eden.

The morning glories in the garden keep growing up into the roses. My grandmother keeps cutting them back, she says that they're killing the roses.

I think they're beautiful.

There's something to be said for those soft, flexible, green tendrils reaching out around strong thorns and thick branches. For seeing delicate purple cups strong as tissue paper and heavy as butterflies next to the bold, ardent monochromes of the roses. Full, deep roses -- yet so tender and passionately sensual. Commingled with purple whimsy and delight, like the laughter of beautiful woman on the summer air.

There's something to be said for Harmony re-defined.
pete Harmony...oh harmony
Where are you tonight, where are you tonight?
Harmony...oh harmony
Have you gone away, have you gone to stay?
If you pass me by I will miss you,
And if you c'n cry I c'n cry too.

Harmony...oh harmonee
Where are you tonight, where are you tonight?
Harmony...sweet harmonee...
Have you gone astray, have you gone away?
If you'd ask me why I will miss you,
It's a part of my nature I guess.
Oh harmoney...sweet harmonee...
Oh where have you gone...Harmony.


Harmony...oh harmony,
Where are you now, where are you right now?
Harmoney...oh harmonee...
Oh where have you gone, the hours are so long?
If you pass me by I will miss you,
And if you c'n cry I c'n cry too.

Harmony...oh harmonee....
I'm holding on tight, do you read me write.
Harmony..oh harmonee...
Don't ever leg go, don't ever let go.
If you'd ask me why I will miss you,
It's a part of my nature I guess.
Oh harmony...sweet harmonee...
Oh what have we done....Harmony.


If you pass me by I will miss you,
And if you c'n cry I c'n cry too.

Harmony...sweet harmony...
Oh where have you gone..what have we done....
Where have you gone.....Harmony

By: Gordon Lightfoot, from the Cd "Harmony" (2004)
Marti "Is it right or wrong try to find a place we can all belong, be as one try to get on by if we unify, we should really try... let's come together, right now, oh yeah, in sweet harmony!" it is a line from a song called sweet Harmony by "The Beloved". It is a magical group. Jon is the singer, Jon Marsh. And he believe in love paeca and unity and sweet harmony. He is a very sensual man. His eyes are deep blue and countains the whole universe... like all people's eye. Eye is the mirror of our soul. 040925
andru235 essentially, it's what you seek
even if your view is bleak
if you chase the dissonant
thats the harmony you meant

every combo of the sounds
has a meaning most profound
even silence has a way
of bringing harmony today
wolf_ram_harharhar was my favorite one of all on Angel 051117
z see: http://www.harmony.org.uk/book/linear_progressions.htm 051117
emmi if there is such a thing as anxious_harmony.. thats what i'm feeling these days 060823
z anxious harmony: minor ninths? 060824
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