Q Chase

If it be the sad case
that all one does is chase
boys and girls away to
whatever they do do
when not warmly blathing,
it is time for scathing
assessment of purpose:
Perhaps you're just surplus
more diversionary
than hot visionary
so much less inspiring
than scaring and tiring?
It would then be the time
to forget fancy rhyme,
go to long sleep and drift
without patching any rift.
Chuck such raucous ignore,
sail for poetic shore
where heat and counting count
and that you are a fount
is worth now visiting
and then revisiting.
So stay away from here.
Be where the air is clear
and the images clean,
forget some need to preen.
Insightful words reward
those small soft steps toward,
be they yours, be they mine.
Who cares about some line?
Appear again somewhere!
There's no place like nowhere:
If that be what you'd say,
I'd welcome you anyday,
or deep on any night
with no concern, no fright.
Here's not fear, mystery.
This is of poetry.
So do come back to play
and stay if you wish, stay.

C 2000
misstree follow in
circles around
playful tags and
insistent nips and
gleeful reminders of
the joy of
lizard some people claim that there's something chasing them in their dreams, and no matter how fast they run, it always runs faster. i've never had one of those. 020826
lucky chase me to the end of the rainbow... dive in the stream of forever... taste the edge of the cookie cutter sky... and let me look at you dear moon... let me love you... 040731
Chase Chase has been my online name all the time.
You begin to see words different if you get used to them in certain ways..
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blue_J Guys chase me now. For the first time in my life I have at least five guys who call me and express an interest in dating me (or something else). And I'm not bragging because I really hate it. I liked it a lot better when I was just a loner. But now I'm tan and my hair is short and light-colored. They say I'm pretty and I have a cute body. I'm the ultimate girl, they say. But I'm so messed up inside and I'm so tired of putting on an act for these boys. Somedays, I just want to be fat and sit on the couch and watch Mythbusters while eating what I want. It would be a lot better than busting my ass in the heat walking four miles and skipping meals so I still have that "cute" body.

I don't even want this anymore.
what's it to you?
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