Gotta find the one that wants to snuggle up to your butt on those cold wintery days. -- from joshie woshie
sphinxradio It was one of those moments where you step outside of your body and ask yourself,
where am I?
How did I get here?
I was sitting on the beige couch, smiling and nodding as the man I’d never met talked in a friendly manner from his position on the black couch facing me.
Jacer oh my, i've made a mess; quick flip the cushion.... 020324
sloth the couch, where i spent most of my days
alone underground gazing at the glowing box telling me what to think and what to do, is now rotting.

filled with mold and mildew from sitting idle in the damp basement.

it used to belong to my grandparents, one of whom is dead, the other in a home, dimly aware of her surroundings and predicament.

that couch was my best fucking friend.
nocturnal somehow irresistable when drunk. my parents will always know when I've had a full night because damn near everytime, I'd say at least 90% of the time my dad wakes me up at 7am and sends me upstairs...then tells me about it around 2 or 3 that afternoon when I finally regain consciousness since I almost never remember. 021007
rose One of these days I just going to rape that boy right on the couch in my math class.

You see if I don't.
Dimorph Would be cool to have a couch in my math class... 040206
pobodys nerfect a.k.a. "chesterfield" in Canada 040207
sarah chesterfield is also a type of cigarrette. my grandma used to smoke them. then she died of cancer.
the end
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