morphine. this time can sit alone on a maroon leaf
crying to itself, wishing too hard it could be 12.
Strideo I'm sleepy.
I wish I was in bed.
I have to at work by 8am.

Stri and i can't type 021212
morphine. too many people are asking me questions,
they just dont fuckin stop

i dont know why they care so much
really, i'm_only_a_person.
what do you think im worth? something more, something significant?

christ, man, there are so many people out there just like me, dont ya know? ok maybe not JUST like me
but sorta at LEAST

you know?

i gotta just try to stop the cementing of the brain

what the fuck, you know?

im just too fuckin burned, i guess.

i dont remember anymore when this even started.

now pass me that stuff again.
FA113N And I'm giving up on sleep 130125
what's it to you?
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