Quake This, the last stanza in e. e. cummings'
1938 poem "you shall above all things be glad and young", is so astoundingly good that it is worth repeating:

I'd rather learn from one bird how to sing
than teach ten thousand stars how not to dance.
monica was it worth it, lauren? 000326
chip GOODNITE 010109
unhinged where does self-worth come from? 010109
kx21 NOTHING is Worth a Thousand, a Million, a Trillion, or more precisely UNLIMITED WORDS... 010109
kx21 Dear unhinged,

Self-worth come from:-

The creator of the UNIVERSE / GOD or EVERYTHING, Certainty.
karma or karmas, very likely.
You or YOUSELF, probably.
shit or Dust, possibly.
NOTHING, uncertainty...
tierdrama wow, that was even more startlingly oblique than ANYTHING i've seen in awhile 010111
unhinged cause where ever it comes from i'm missing the whole point i think 010115
paste! The canoe doesn’t catch a blink
from the momentum that inspects it down the river like a spear.
dB One of the things I used to do, was deal in collectable things, odd trinkets, antiques, old books, vinyl, and old technology like old grammaphones and stuff.
The thing that I could never fathom was why the stuff was worth so much.
You take the value of say, 350 odd bits of parchment, bind them together between stiff bits of cardboard and finally a glossy sheath witha drawing on it.
Now this is worth, for it's material, maybe, 2 or 3 cents. Then stamp the title "Starship Troopers" on it, and some author I can't even remember and it's worth $500.
Why? If something is outdated, then surely it must be surpassed by something else making the said thing less valuable, like old computers (funnily enough there are people that collect old Apple II's and ZX Spectrums).
Why does age give somthing worth? Does our own self worth multiply exponentially as we grow older? Then again, if someone is worthless are they doomed to an entire life of worthlessness (spelling?)? for as we all know, nothing multiplied by nothing will always equal 0.

"I don't have low self esteem. Just low esteem for other people."
birdmad not much, i suppose 010617
sphinxradio so maybe sappy notes can't be returned for car tires.
did you want it or not?
Chilly D I don't think anyone can define the worth of anything. We're human. We can't even judge what is right or wrong. 030110
slapitty slap-slap perhaps worth lies in purpose 030714
worthless worth, like all other THINGS is relative to each and every THING in the universe

If I say that that DIRTY ASS DIAPER has REAL worth, well then it does dammit
bird well, shit, i already said what i was going to say. (010617)

not that it always stops me.

Staind_And_Souless Find something worth dying for.
And then LIVE for it......
will never be worth it it really makes no sense to me how situations like this work. all i've ever done is love you but, i still look like the jerk. i handed you my heart and you gave me nothing but dispair... and put me down with your careless words when you knew i'd still be there. all i did was love you.. and all you did was see.. how easy i can break for you, and how to take advantage of me. all i did was love you, and worth it.. i am not. stuck in a world of heartache .. and the turning never stops. 040503
x twisted x self worth? something i have very little of. sometimes i just feel like im worth absolutely nothing. part of me REALLY wants to believe its not true. part of me KNOWS its not true. but theres always that part of me that wins. it puts the two other parts in their respective places where they have spent many long years. it isnt fair, but thats life i guess? i know its wrong, but everytime i fight it, i fail. 040705
myriadmoods What has "worth'? Is it you? Is it Us? Is it the World? No it is ALL, ONe, those who seek their own way, those who tremble to seek the way, those who cry.Those whom love not themselves, but those whom lack the way for loving. 050409
her royal highness the quirk i'm not sure if you're even worth crying over, but i can't stop
there's gotta be a reason i have to go through this
XMalice your love, and that's about it. 060801
REAListic optimIST Bliss dashed by lack of self worth
Trust eroded by the same
There is no place to run
When your wife knows your game

Best for her to end it all then
Rather than face her fears
Best to let her do it then
Who cares? They're just queers.

It's a cruel game that love plays
Filing off her soul's rust
In order to be really true
She must betray her wife's trust.
used-wealth I still think about it for what it is(was) 210412
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