psyki how i feel right now.
how i've felt for a very, very long time.
Joana. ****************************************
Jesse's gone inside out
someone brush her quiet mouth
charity's friend she was I know
fill her cup and leave her alone

distance fails but it keeps her alive
thinks that evil's on her side
gets rid of things that don't matter
she used to let me cut her hair

Jesse's gone inside out
she used to let me cut her hair
unhinged sometimes we look around us and are amazed to see how low we have actually come; some determine to climb out; some determine to fail. my arms are weak and failing...i can't do any more pulling up. i'm looking around and amazed at how low i have stopped. that's not too far above bottom there boys. 001217
argo Low song on a Gap commercial. I just don't know how to feel. 001218
firehunden a way of life 010227
Dafremen The sound that cattle make in like ONE Christmas carol that I've heard. Up until that point I always thought that cows moo'ed. The Fisher Price Wheel of Words or Speak n Spell or whatever that thing was that you dialed in the animal and pulled the string on it told me that "The Cow goes Moo!". Cows Moo damn it!!!

Nope, cattle LOW. Not just that, they wake up BABIES too. No wonder we slaughter so many of them. Damn lowing baby-waking menaces to society!!!

See? They probably would have been better off if they HAD moo'ed.
L what people call me when I get to drunk and start begging everyone I see for more beer
but I just get really thirsty and want to reach oblivion.
princess TestamenT 020609
the birdmad prophecies half-light 020609
Dafremen I was looking for the name of that thing that you pull the string on where the cow goes moo and I found this page, not even noticing that it was blather. Then when it loaded up, I was like...cool it's blather! Then I saw who blathered it. Same idiot who didn't know what it was called 2 years ago. 030722
Serinety How i wear my jeans, low & baggy with my thong panties hanging out. 050325
jlymry327 im low
then high
back to low and lower still
the low is so low
id try to see out
its too low

when im high though im so high
i can talk to you and see you and really be there
i am confident and pretty
i say things i wouldnt say
i act like i am never low

then it comes
like a nightmare slipping through my thoughts
self doubt, depression
this depression lives and breathes inside of me
runs my thoughts, overturns my high actions and tells me i was wrong

back to low
and lower still
High? How_low do you dare to go? 070313
gja lets see how deep the rabbit hole goes 070320
auburn I feel like gravity is falling in love with me more each day. It pulls so hard sometimes that the tears can't help but fall.

They plummet and I go effortlessly with them.
what's it to you?
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