typhoid i got red and pink paint on my new jeans! how amusing ;) 000623
silentbob in the summer time, NO GOOD! hot. working. roof. unpleasent. 000725
Annie111 i love buying new jeans, especially when they are rough and long and a pleasant, rich blue, and look good with white socks, so that if you curled up on a sofa with someone, the cuffs would still touch your heels. 011128
ClairE Trying to move away from them.

But damn it, I just want a good pair.
I hate when they don't close.
strange i want to wear them all the time, even if its hot or they're ripped or my friends have written all over them. they fit me, so well. i always get them extra long because i just like long jeans. my legs are long. i like them after they're washed and sort of worn. for some reason designer jeans just fit me better. which can be a problem because i can quite afford them. 040620
Im just a jealous girl. Your mind will never let go.
Of that girl in her blue jeans.
. I finally fit into size 1! I love the way I fell and the looks I get. It was worth it. 100918
unhinged no matter how skinny i get, i still have to belt my jeans to my ass like a black girl.

will someone please tell the fashion world that skinny jeans and now 'jeggings' do not look good on most people?

(love my red engine boot cuts)

make_your_own_style has always been my mantra....and i'm with you on the skinny jeans.

they suck.
what's it to you?
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