sarah sometimes it's fun to be girly.
(sugar and spice etc)
daxle they said I could paint my walls my favorite color but they wouldn't let me paint them red
they decided on pink and I've only recently recovered
David There are few things in the world I truely enjoy, the smell of rain, the sound of ice being poured into a glass and the colour pink. I swoon at pink, not hot pink, nor frilly lacey, a subtile rouge:soft flesh flushed with embarrassement or lust. A soft encompassing love is pink 990920
h8r (diggety dot com) i h8 pink so much. especially pink cars. those are for people who []D [] []V[] []D whores.

i mean, i really hate pink
unrightous1 pink is the word 'wuss' personified into a colour. So there. 991212
riot the boy with the pink hair wants to see my poetry and I am paralyzed. do I show it to him? do I chuckle it off? his hair is purple in bits and when I saw him yesterday he was wearing a dog collar and a leather coat which made a squeak (am I imagining this?) when he moved his arms just right. he's too young to read me just yet, I think. 000113
Rob under it. I once talked about under blackness, which didn't work out, right? Although pink reminds me of Delirium sometimes and fish. 000113
BoofPixie we named her Pink Perfect. thank god she's just fiction. 000308
typhoid Come in here dear boy have a cigar
You're gonna go far, You're gonna fly high
You're never gonna die,
You're gonna make it if you try
They're gonna love you
Well I've always had a deep respect
And I mean that most sincerely
The band is just fantastic
That is really what I think
Oh, by the way which one's pink?
MollyGoLightly The pale sort makes me almost sweet. Almost. 000520
r pink is my world 000922
r keep pink bottled up for a rainy day
its only a color you say?
could a color make me happy
or anxious
or sad
pink is the innocence of my age
all of my wishes and dreams
bottled up
like the rain
who bottles rain?
those in need of the moisture of the spring in the summer.
who doesnt?
those who decided pink was ugly
pink is so very feminine
open the bottle
and drink the pink...
breath it in
it is a color.
Barrett lemonade doesn't go with chocolate. 000923
r rt 001002
syd i catch her by the eye then i have to stop and think "what a funny thing to do, cuz i'm feeling very pink".

please baby lemonade
sculptor nipples
The paint is kept very cold.
must be cold.
I dab here
I dab there
Lovely porcelain
white so white
hot from the kiln
then paint pink nipples
and so on.
Yes, I love my work.
*Colleen* I wish that people could look beyond the steriotypes and see the color as an individual. It doesnt stand for anything, its is just... PINK 010129
j_blue colors have had symbolism throughout the history of many different cultures

sorry, you just cant have pink

there is no purity
Mustard Inspector it was the prettiest pink i had ever seen

they way it contrasted with her dark chocolate mocha skin

the way the moist tendrils of her light brown hair whisked over her womanhood

i dropped to my knees on the hardwood floor, licking my lips, knowing whats about to come

she looks down into my eyes as i gentily decend on her, and i know in that moment that she was the most beautiful creature that ever lived
god apples_and_oranges 010129
tazfab i live on the corner of pink and pearl. 010208
Lindsey I wrapped him in
flourescent packaging
with lipstick
and my sweater
with the creative
pinkish pink is my name.

i am very bored right now.

Pink Paint Hay,
Who Hates pink
but perfers the "colour" Black?
PPP Pink is the colour of Passion,
PPP Pink is my new obsession,
PPP Pink on the lips of ya luvver,

PPP pink BRIghT lummy Pink stuff,
is the vibe of suMMer,
cos PinK is an explosive colour.
snafu pink is a color to lick and suck
pink is flavorless
pink is sarah
mmm ick. i just don't like the color. 010610
freakizh is my favorite crayon? ew.

if purity is white
and love is red

a pure love's sex will be pink?
not god shine_on 010801
r lovely 010909
Heather see also: pynk 010911
marjorie when my baby was born, they put a little pink hat on her head. I left it on for about half a day before I took it off, and by then she was all wrapped up in a pink blanket and looked like a little glow worm. I gave her away. 011204
kerry lots of people think that pink is prissy and wussy and lame but it all depends on the shade, i think.
there's pale pink like ice which looks great on cars and it is made frilly when combined with lace and long lashes and white. borrrring.
there's hot pink like gwen stefani's hair which is pure-punk and is only made ultra-girly when it is used for barbies. then it looks slutty.
then bubblegum or tickle-me-pink also looks great for clothing, but looks horrible when put next to yellow or green.
like i said earlier, it all depends. personally, i think pink kicks ass.
j_blue i think pink tastes sweet

and slippery

and shiny



Pink Hamster Army Queen Sucks to be those who are pink-deprived. May the world be drowned in sugary pinkness! Watch out for them pink hamsters! MUA HAH AHETHAE;LIHT92847590398798!!!! (sorry, choked on air) 020516
CJ any girls out there that don't like pink only know of one I just want to see if there is more 020516
"Ancient Pagan" If you conspire to eliminate Pink the Pink_Hamster_Army_Queen's Hamsters will kick yo behind! 020516
niki i used to hate pink with every bone in my body

i surround myself with pink just because it makes me happy
"Ancient Pagan" (male) Pink is the yen of all colours...Men usually don't like pink because they are brainwashed with shallow conceptions of what men are meant to do and like...CRUSH ALL STEREOTYPES! 020517
who i am doesnt matter anymore is the color of my hair 031019
pipedream i have mixed feelings about pink.
i look nice in pink.
i hated it with a serious passion for a long time; pink the stupid emblem of a good little girl- what-ever-r-r-r-r, but i still look nice in it. so i have compromised by wearing peach instead of pink.
but now i don't mind pink, actually.
i quite enjoy fuschia and magenta and even light pink when i feel like doing the girly-girl thing (which is completely doable in other colours anyhow)
pink is just a colour.
oldephebe in high school and college before entering the ranks of legions of corporate denizens beholden to a sober sartorial dictate - I used to wear (among others) pink, light blue and lavender button down shirts.. girls i barely knew would appluad me for my sartorial know being secure enough in my masculinity) Okay so back then guys just stuck with the muted shades - and shirts emblazoned with the imprimature of class and status .. and descrimnating taste ..(and of course i'm being ironic) by wearing as much izod as they could get their hands on..part of the whole decadent preppy/peer/cultural dictate ..
pipedream right on, i've always thought guys should do the whole colour spectrum; just because you're men doesn't mean you can't appreciate a nice orange shirt, or a funny crazy tie. yay. 031020
oE yeah but besides a gender predisposition towards color blindness - I'm afraid my sartorial tastes are pretty bland by comparison now ..mostly primary colors now - sober shades and muted but elegant contrasts -
riskybiscut123 pink is the customary color of hair in our family my mom pushed me into in like she pushed me into my lifestyle my music and my instrument but to rebel would be pointless because i would in turn be rebelling against my self my personality I'v come to accept punk rock but isn't that contradicting the point of punk it self isn't pink just the beginning of the transformation of me to my mother who am i what is my personality i guess im just pink... 031024
Little Pink Riding Hood Pink (the singer, not the colour) is absolutely gorgeous!
Just wanted to say that.
Der Furher DIE PINKIE DIE 031121
Little Lost Riding Hood Err, yeah... 031121
Kristopher *transcribed from 'Red Vs. Blue'*

Donut: "Sweet! Command was so happy about me capturing the Blue flag, they gave me my own color armor!"

Simmons: "Yeah, about your armor. . ."

Donut: "What about it?"

Simmons: "Well, it's a little. . . um. . . Grif, what am I looking for here?"

Grif: "Pink! Your armor's fricking pink!!"

Simmons: "Yeah, that's it. Pink."

Donut: "What? It's not pink. It's more of a. . . lightish red."

Grif: "You know what? They already have a name for lightish red. You know what it's called? Pink."
Kristopher Oh, yeah, and P!nk (the singer) is fucking hot.

I'd personally destroy her pelvis.

That means I'd want to have sex with her.

Just to clear that up.
Little Lost Riding Hood I'll second that! 031121
Kristopher Momma always said, share with the nice girlies. *S*

Would you like top or bottom, Lost Riding Hood?

Wing or thigh? *ha ha ha*
Little Lost Riding Hood I will have a portion of tender breast please... 031122
Lindsey everyone thinks my hair is pink nowadays.
it's red goddammit.
ee beep peep hot 040218
smileygirl I'm on this huge pink kick right now. everything i buy is pink. i have a really cute pink purse, and pink platform sandals. it's great. 040309
JUSTme lindsey-

same prblm!! i had 2 bleach parts of my hair 2 keep it red and it has turned pink GURR!!! im not a PINK gurl either
blak_angel089 Omgosh I hate pink so much that everytime I touch I want to throw up, everytime I have to color something in the color pink, I have to ask my friends to color it for me...even writing/typing the word pink makes me want to puke!! 040322
Smurf Pink incites homicide.

And Blue is better.
Bee Pink keeps me smiling when it rains because its a wicked color so fuck u all mo' fo's. 050731
on the road is so plastic. Everything about it so fake. Fake joy and fake sweet. 050731
flowerbed on a cloud cookies! pink ones....^^ 051203
shoobie who decided pink was gonna be a girl color? its kinda fucked up... 061022
no reason i had a dream once that someone called pink a girly colour and i replied rather indignantly, "i don't know why people say that! it's just a mix of red and white!". 061022
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