psyki my skin
dried to my face
a circle of blue
fades to grey
i scratch my eyes
flaking off
then closing
mir when you closed your eyes, the paleness was a continuous plane, slightly decorated with nearly transparent blond eyelashes...
i think you'd look odd with colour in your face.
stay pale for me.
green_tenedril he was the palest boi there
and so i knew that i must at least speak with him before the night was through.
later we frolicked beneath the purple lights, and told stories of the past.
we seemed to get along so well...and his pale porcelian skin glittered in the unnatural light cast by the street lamps...
i got into an orange taxi cab and flew away.
like rain. the light that shines from within her shields her from the glare of everything else.

unique butterfly i am sooooo pale. why do people have a problem with that? i mean, what's the big deal with being tan? its like a death wish. get tan and ten years later get skin cancer and look like your ten years older than you actaully are. people are dumb. 010602
Marjorie I have seen people with pale skin
And that, of course, does not bother me at all.
The ones who bother me
Are the ones who walk around
With pale eyes.
And they don't look alive.
And someone should infuse them with life.
So they will ride around in their cars singing to music
Even if it's only in their heads
Casey I don't tan...I stay a light white color...damn it 010625
paste! i often place my body in a vat of moose gelatin. it's said to physically cleanse the pores AND psychically cleanse the poor. i just do it cause it leaves me feeling refreshed and with the complexion of a dancing moose. 010625
Special K I'm pale. In high school my boy used to call me SWU ("swoo.") It stood for soft white underbelly. I genuinely like my skin tone, but I'm really only a second-tier pale. If I didn't have freckles I'd be able to move up to the first tier and join the blessed realm of lovely, ghostly visions for whom Lord Byron wrote obsessive poetry. First-tier pale folks are "luminescent." Second-tier pale folks are just white. C'est la vie. 010626
freakizh such a pretty tone
that turns you into a canva

i'll paint millions of red kisses
in your white body
from this moment on
translucent perfect contrast
pale versus dark
black versus white
poor white kid loves rich black girl
josie I'm losing me in what grows pale.
my eyes can't bear to see the lights, my skin's too fair to feel what's right from wrong. From me too far, this pale i hold within my heart. It's stop me moving from me too far. And all i want is too see what's up ahead.
distorted tendencies Translucent is first-tier pale. No lie. 011007
jolie yeah....if I didn't have freckles on my nose, I'd probably look ghostly....Celestiel....I .like that word better. I would look celestiel...or however you spell that....its a weird word. I wis this class would get over with really soon...:( EXAM day....I contemplated comming to school high today. I like drugs, but I'm also a good person. Some people can't see how you can be both. I can. 020308
Crudelis. living to die.
making yourself pretty.
just for the site.
the one seen soon.
an open-casket
will be possible now.
living to change.
for the beauty in you
to be seen by all.
for the last time.
tulip bruises pale boys are lovely. pale skin on bones, the best thing to kiss. i mean a tans all very well, but boys with black eyes and pale skin, you just cant get tastier.
okay, anyway, umm, move on from the fetish why dont i.
niska litte freckles 030523
niska little freckles 030523
you white skin that glows is so beautiful i mean, dark is gorgeous too i love how exotic it is, but somehow i can never get over when people have that white skin that literally just... glows... like a light and freckles make it perfect. 040912
yesiknowicantwriteworthadamnsosodoff an overcast sylvan afternoon, autumn. the sky is utterly white. it could be gloomy but it complements your pallor so deliciously i wish i could inhale you. can i help you breathe? your eyes are fallen pine needles reflecting oakmoss in a puddle on the forest floor. the need to breathe is agonizing. you are so beautiful, i can't move. a bronze leaf falls into the puddle. i become a tree. 041022
bangaaeter is the new tan 050712
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