*maryJane just the word is exotic. rarrl 010116
Lindsey His breath in my ear
makes me think
of rain forests
and birdsong,
and when he collapses
on my chest
with a sigh,
I am left in the desert,
waiting patiently
for the downpour.
EECP So, you think you know a thing or two about exotic huh? Well if you want to know more ask the master. Exotic is my first name. Not my middle name I said my FIRST name. Don't believe me? Fine then. Just ask the dragonfly. She knows. 010320
lizard Wings outspread, feathers dropping, clothing a quiet tangle at her feet. Preening, head titled back, and fingers sliding along her throat. An exotic bird in a cage, the flourescant bulbs flashing around her in an effervescent halo. Erotic dancers, at their best, always look like birds. 020712
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