me? Birds in the trees
Shook dust from their wings
I thought of the heartaches
That shattered our love not long ago

Birds in the trees
Now asleep
kerry "the birds" by alfred hitchcock is an awesome movie. see it. i especially love the part where she's sitting on the bench in front of the school doing her makeup and all the crows perch on the monkeybars behind her and she has no idea for the longest time. 011223
angie i downloaded a song called "birds" it said it was by ben folds five. but somehow, i didnt believe it. it was like...pretty music with no words. it might have been ben folds five. but i doubt it. it is a very pretty song. it makes me feel like i am floating. today i was looking at the tree in front of my window. the sky was a dark blue and the tree was such a dark green due to the setting sun it was almost black. it was really beautiful. i felt like crying tonight. i sort of know why. 020510
optic discretion i hate birds. 020518
birdmad i just hate the one in my mirror 020518
hope "He thought they were the most beautiful birds in the world. Then he found out they were only seagulls."
-Harold and Maude
amber dreaming of birds in high heels fly past black lines and up into my brain 030523
randomly recent angie, I'd like to hear that song.

xyz their bones are hollow
our bones are not.
sarah so numb
that i cannot breath

so cold
in this dark forest

so alone
that i can no longer hear the birds

Thier screams are much too deep
scratching at my soul
grendel flayed, quartered....broiled 040419
bird original? or extra crispy? 040419
bleh birds are cute 060330
oren Have you flipped any lately? 060331
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