birdmad sitting here feeling as substantive as a cheap, third-rate chocolate easter bunny. 000509
klarchen Being hollow just makes it much easier to break yourself into little pieces to share with everyone.

Trust me, solidness just makes things difficult. To break solidness one will require a knife or something of that sort.
filet of birdmad knives.

already been through the cutlery rack analogy

if i crouch low and stand reall still, i could be mistaken for one
The Schleiffen Man hollow man sucked

end of line
lovers lament i'm just a hollow wooden ornament that someone will use to decorate their tree, and then take down and put/throw away when need for me has expired. 001211
misstree the space within, defined by a shell fragile or impenetrable, the silence untouched by the outside. the hollow of a thing is the nothingness contained in it.

somehow different from the feel of a missing tooth--the feeling that nothing was there to begin with.

(and on hollow_man the movie, one comment: Kevin Bacon without skin. *drools on self*)
tourist I have truly felt this way
on occasion, and it was not a bad thing.
although when I mentioned it to Her
She seemed saddened and told me not to feel hollow, as if I could change a state I was just being aware of not causing. As if it were somehow Her fault.
It was more an awareness of the true nature of my atoms, an awareness of the Space within the structure.
Just Room to Move
Without having to Go Anywhere.
unhinged if you took a sharp object and poked me my outside would slowly crumble and cave in to the nothingness inside 001215
jollie hollow is perfect....just perfect 010329
me begging to be filled by something, someone; knowledge, experience, love; anything. now I feel simply hollow. 010329
i like highschool girls heh heh heh My Magdelena 010330
mrs. keenan sscreamingfeeeedmeeeeefillmeup again
temporarily pacified
Freak The wind stings the open wound.
I ignore the pain.
I can only feel it on the surface which lets me know that I am hollow.
tourist Ring your Bell
Distant Thunder
Run like Hell
We're going under
Ring your Bell
And Holler Fire
Wake from the Dream
Let this Inspire
endless desire i continue to stuff myself with the things of life
like one might stuff a present full of tissue paper
nothing but colour and meaningless fluff
pleasing to the world around it yet
so easily crumpled, trampled
tossed aside.
how i fear that i will begin this search within myself
foraging for depth, substance
reaching in beneath the surface to the deepest part of me
grasping what i find, bringing to my eyes
and all i see is tissue
insignificant fluff
worthless in every aspect

oh how id prefer to be hollow.
sixteen there are grooves
between the tendons that twist through my hands.
They are sunken graves
for the letters that didn't make it
down through my fingers
and into a word
a sentence
a poem.

I am filled with gaps--
little hollow spaces
carved out of necessity or indulgence.
lost emotion
squeezes into the emptiness,
hides while I fumble for some sort of
and resurfaces
on a monday morning
tangled in tendons
and covered in blood.
mcduenas There's nothing like the feeling
That at any moment
You could evaporate

There's nothing like the feeling
That you can't do it all

There's nothing like hollow...
Nothing like Hollow
Nothing like....
Lemon_Soda Both a great General in a Dream realm(one whom I have personally met. Nice guy, but hangs out with way to many freaks of death(dead))


A good analogy for my self.
nonsensical in the light she never changes, empty as a glass. time cannot stop and hold you with its hands. instead we'll fly in paper cranes, slip into secrets, and the cracks in our lives 031122
seeker sums it all up
tops the cake
its too bad this emptyness doesnt satisfy me
and that i must turn to pills to fill this void
does anyone else feel the same?
emily post_office 040212
Piso Mojado sitting on grass in sunshine
it was almost enough- reading of Sangha, taking notes, thinking
but laughter, flow of conversation of the groups of friends sitting all around
made my chest hollow, my heart hurt
Piso Mojado no food today
hollow body
mix cd repeats and repeats
heidi's unveiling
heidi's death
heidi's life
everything seems like so long ago
jordie I'm feeling a little uptight.
Feeling a little anxious.

I've said this before
somewhere along the journey
I've said that
you know

What do you know?
Nothing. Everything.
the wind is heavy today - humid

somethings coming
I know it
I can feel it

webs tangle my arms and I cannot move
I cannot find my keys
where are my keys?

don't park there look at the sign idiot
stop fucking with my head son of
whatwhatwhat yes I know
we musn't keep this going.

stop saturn's rings from spinning, stop them from humming.
stop the world from living
stop the go and go the stop

flip plif
everything updownside

so gonfusinc

where am i . . . i ma erehw
where am i going.

Brandon Is our name 090416
z ...in the wood pulp center i smell earth and old old sap and over my head the light peeks into the green straw dim of the empty, living void inside the giant old life of creaking, scabrous skin and many armed sway i sit, mouse like and breathe... 090417
unhinged the easier to fill me up my pretty 090417
In_Bloom Is what I've tried to be for almost a year now
Waiting for the taint of disappointment to wear away and leave me clear

How to tell my heart it's supposed to pretend?
It doesn't understand and it doesn't want to play any game but Truth

There it is in triumph, proud bleeder on my sleeve asking for more time, so convinced it can do someone good again
arwyn I've often wondered in the past if this feeling would ever disappear. It does at times. Moments filled with joy or despair seem to be the only thing to make the hollowness completely disappear. Contentment would be nice, but it's funny what you can learn to live with.

Even now... I don't think I could feel comfortable without this feeling like someone had taken a melon baller and just scooped everything out. I sometimes wonder if I'm in love with my sadness and melancholia. If I am, at least I've gotten used to it and accepted it.
what's it to you?
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