yes? Darkness that blankets the vulnerable earth
Protecting the delicate soul deep below
Shielding the core from flesh scorching light
The pit of all evil lays boarded with steel
A hole in the blanket sheds light on a corner
Some small twitching creature feebly squirms
Awakening shrieks echo off rusted black walls
Whispers eventually escape out through the tear
Sharp darting eyes open themselves
Fixated on one single speck of white
Dark eyes release their empty color
Blank slivers of bone reach for the gap
Untamed nails poke a hole near the first
Light grows where none should be
Hope is found and bubbles to escape
Iron bars slam on soft fingers
Twice broken fingers once again
Nothing pleads to become something
non in fat. iewww. 060513
Blue spreading across with something.

having a panorama than completely spreads atop one thing
what's it to you?
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