alex lighter 980904
moi eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevil... 981106
Pacia crucial for the succinct experience of light, in real things and in metaphor. The forgotten half of dimension itself. My favorite coincedental predisposition. Home. That half of the world that most reject out of hand through fear. 981107
Caine The part of the space-time continuum that makes you stub your toe on the coffee-table. 981124
Pacia Able repost. 981130
phoebe the best thing to hide in...the easiest...the softest. 981211
angela .a sincere friend to a troubled soul. 990207
shaheen i'm not afraid of the dark. i just don't like the dark. especially when it is really silent. i hate that. unless of course i am asleep. and i can't sleep unless it is dark... and quite. 990208
kyo Hell,o ...Oh yes I love the dark side 990328
mareberry in the depths of my soul, i am crying. crying out to anyone who will listen, anyone who will pull me from this darkness. it fills me, it overcomes all my senses, pulling from my mind all reason. am i destined to be locked in this dark soul for all time? will i ever break free from these chains? i've lost all faith, all eternity laughs at me. lost in my inexorable misery. 990507
miniver In the dark, I see what lives behind the poetry,
and why the word "paroxysm"
(paraffin, paraffin melting-poesy,
Looseleaf, lost sheep, lotus-eater)
will always defeat its own rage,
while linger poet fingers on the page.
In the dark, I see what bides,
and bides, and bides all time
beneath black-lead and polychrome --
I will not be corrupted by the golden calf,
craftycraft-aphrodisiac, chiaroscuro.
Goblins in the gloaming, in the dark,
in the dark, I glimpse the truth
behind corrugated paper and modern art;
Deejarling scent scented
(walk me to our secret),
in the dark, the double star
beats the blue moon, and I see
sex and poetry,
without the paint.
I will not be corrupted by the dark.
andrea lying here
staring at my ceiling
the street light outside
shines through the blinds
making lines across it
a million thoughts pass
through my mind
i cannot vocalize
any of them
for they are still
too underdeveloped
to be exposed to
the criticizing world
i cherish them
as a child does
a picture they have drawn
it is not up to the
high standards others hold
but impresses the hell out of me
trying to fight off sleep
i feel i am losing th battle
so i succumb to it
i do not cout sheep
i count butterflies instead
hoping htat when i awake
they will have taken my thoughts
and transformed them into something
beautiful and free
just as they once did

copyright 1999
oodles Catherine and Heathcliff's romance 000218
Verdulum hanging, hanging,
dangling in the dark.
swinging, silent,
Alone in the park.
MollyGoLightly Turn the light on! You'll wish you'd listened to me when you stub your toe... 000416
Beastiekid I love the night..the week battle of dim light against a powerfull blackened skye..you know why, you love the mystery night holds..wondering souls journey through the night with no determined destination, jus the darkness to guide them. Pondering life's greatest queries in the darkness, your mind is in it's purest form...clear and free from the brightness of the day, for the sun is a burden...you can't look at it? Of course, the blue skye of the daytime is a beautiful sight, but visions of stary skies with beautiful moons dominate the nite. 000501
iris People say I'm dark...I am truly flattered. Darkness is a comfort... the bright lights are blinding and harsh. People say I'm dark...I just say thank you. 000724
Mike dark the angel came today
to sit and spy
to speak and lie
i wasn't ready

he moved quickly thru air and morning dew...carefully to stay hidden just beyond my view...but i knew he was comming for me.....
amy lets go into the calmest, gentlest. 010527
silentbob She's holding a spiral notebook
with sevaral pages torn our
she tells me its allright, tell her
everything. i begin at the bginning
it takes her to the end
i wonder how i got her here, how
it ever came this far...
she wonders when my time is up, if she's
my lucky star
How do i explain that i've got the midas touch
I can never be unannoyed this much
i felt like i couldn't say no,
and i didn't really want to.
thers a bridge somewhere that people
never see. you go deep past the trees and
follow a worn path. it looks best when
the moon is full. She wanted me to tell
her everything, shes aid, "its alright, tell
me everything." Instaed i SHOwed her everything.
She took my hand. I said "be strong"
She said, "I hope you arent joking"
I said, "i hope you're wrong."
Face down.
leaves float past her hair.
its always cold where she is now.
and i dont know whatever happened to her
i think shes alone somewhere regretting her curiosity
regretting not leaving well enough alone.
the way the other one did before her.
or maybe in the cold place all she feels is nothing
not even cold.
CheapVodka When I was little (about 3) I had a reoccurring dream that I was being eaten by this big weird red thing. Luckily for me I don't remember what it looks like enought to explain it.

Anyhow... Since then I've been deathly afraid of dark. I have a nightlight and I don't sleep with my windows or my doors open. I'm 17 years old and I'm more afraid of the dark than anything else. I sleep on a mattress with no bed frame so I know there's nothing under the bed. The after math of it all is I only get 3 to 4 hours of sleep a day. I work nights and sleep during the day. I sleep with people as much as possible. I almost always sleep at someone's house or have someone sleeping with me. It's very sad I think but I'm not ashamed...I think it's rather amusing. It's like an addiction. I can't not be scared. I've tried...but it just doesn't work.

It's ironic (i think) because I also hold a weird obsession for serial killers, rapist, and cannibals...I think I've just spent my whole life scaring myself...An excuse maybe? A cover up for my real fear? Or possibly the cause?

I'm so weird
Mike The glorious color of our skin 011110
ClairE mysterious

lights out.


am i dark?

ah, skin

awful fights

who knows?


a matter of shading?
[remy] the only illumination in
this cold
dark room is the
harsh light of reality
gives me back my vision
and soon blinds my dreams
oren *sings*

From the dark and dreary skies...



Josef Stalin I hold my breath and i wonder whe it is going to end. The darkness never leaves me as if it follows me about or maybe i'm just one sad fucker who likes to make things up to make myself sound deep and interesting on websites that are just random trash from people just like myself!! 020616
kerry interesting comment...
most of the things i say are random trash, too.
blown cherry The endless dark of the night,
merging with the living dark of the ocean
I could stand.
It was the searing white light
being reflected off the tombstones
that I could not.
silentbob i feel like blowing my eyes out of my skull 020823
myplasticmind darkness come and save me from this light,
it hurts my eyes to see myself,
it hurts to be able to feel the warmth because i know the cold will come to soon.

so i hide inside until the night falls,
and once again i am free to feel,
free to live blindly
constance briefly aacko le prestone habubukuh le aacko aacko wose font hoon horp hincty_sphincter 021008
Perspective_of_Soul It is so very very dark.
I like the night. I like the fact nobody can see what i am doing for they lay asleep in their beds. And i lay awake in mine, thinking... thinking.
sylphide It's too dark for me to see you now.

I'm clouded with self doubt and insecurity and am pondering the ways I moved you to feel like you needed the lights off. Surely the lights were enough, but perhaps that's selfish of me to think so. I cannot define my selfishness from my consideration of you.

It's too dark for me to see you now.
emo dark is when my day begins.
a night-owl
a night walker
a kisser
a dancer
the disco
the dance
the trance
the debaucheries

The time for extreme indulgence in my sensual pleasures.

ferret dark

it is dark once again,
i shall begin my descent
into the world of temptations
and give my consent

i walk through my mind,
searching for answers
finding none,
i give myself over to boredom

it's dark again,
i'm falling and falling
nobody can stop me
nobody can help me

the darkness is ovewhelming
but through it i see a light
and that light is what i need
that light is God.
pobodys nerfect ..and cloudy outside..chance of rain(again) *sigh* 030605
dzd&cnfzd i am dark.
i travel in silence faster than light, for i have no substance- no resistance to fight
I come when unwanted and creep from behind, i make all things light so much harder to find.
I help most people sleep yet keep others awake, i'm impossible to fight as i'm unable to break.
i can hide in the sunlight, it would seem i'm not there - but believe me i'm watching -i'm always aware.
some people contain me whilst others do not, i can bring things to life whilst cause others to rot.
you may love me or hate me though i want not to fight- i'm forever essential - with no dark theres no light.
bizzy i'm scared of the dark. i like scaring myself, but not with the dark. you can't see in the dark, you can't see what else is in the room. I'm not scared of humans, I'm scared of ghosts. sometimes i hear breathing, and i know it's not me, but as soon as i hold my breath the other breathing stops too. It makes me annoyed. The other night I heard whispering, in my room. The light was on, as it always is, and there was no one in my room. But i heard whispering. I think i might just be crazy cus apparently hearing voices is a mental disorder. Anyway, after that long story basically i just hate the dark. 030924
amy hearing voices is not a mental disorder. many people hear voices under any sort of anxiety. you just don't need to pay attention. just be like, "yeah ok that's interesting, but i need to get on with my life" they'll come and go but it doesn't need to be any big deal.

and as any enlightened female will tell you, "take back the night" although that sort of takes a lot of mental discipline. you can do it, though.

that's my schizophrenic's advice...
secret4185 NO! Light! Don't leave me here! I'm scared of too many things to be left here alone! My imagination is too vivid, and the nightmares too real.

I need you, when I picture anything in my mind, you automatically accompany it, otherwise everything would look the same wouldn't it?

Don't leave me in this deeperthan black night.... I'll drown
ms sing I love the dark...when I'm sad. It's the closest thing to being invisible. Sitting in the middle of a pitch black room. 031204
Dark God The dark is my comfort, it is the only one I know, it has been my soul brother, for as long as I have grown, it has consumed me wholey, it has taken everything holy, it has now known fused to my being, the inner child thats singing, so much to call for now, it is a plea to the dark crowd, what I shrill for I've not known, it has been so long since I left this throne, a place of darkness filled with dread, the smell of the putrid decay of the dead. It is is rapidly showing the colors to me, somewhere the darkness cannot be seen, it has enclosed its rapture around mine grace, but the feeling I get is of a disgrace, the taste on my lips of failure rye, is but the blood pricked from the human tears I cry. 031209
tryyoga nothing to see here 040314
c.cowan happy
some lost
under the canopy
this is why
and this is here
kookaburra i'd like to go somewhere where it gets dark at night. i want to see the stars. they might well remind me that there is something worth shooting for. 041029
tr sometimes people tell me, that in the night it's dark. It's when I smile and just say, that the day isn't much lighter for me at all... 050129
Joshua James Trapped in the darkness with no light to help me out. I stumble across people laying around lost themselves, but never stopping to help. I am no ones light. I stop along the way, just to feel someone finally pushing me to the way out. I push myself, I need no one. I am my own light, yours is to dim to see 050318
three words faces alone_alone dark 050508
*Amy* seems I`m leaving the dark, but am I? or it`s just a role?, anyway, I think I miss how I was then, my mind is driving me crazy. 050509
jlymry327 its dark here, its dark here and i am alone with the thoughts in my head. i hate being in my head. i hate my head. sometimes i visualize blowing my head off with gun. i wouldn't do it, but seeing it for a split second gives me some type of relief, or pain. whatever it is, sometimes i do that. i hate the dark and i hate my head. 051128
arson bright it was dark . small and insect, it ate me from inside, it made friends. carboncopies . i've always known , i'll reap what i've sown.

I should have locked the door . I should have locked myself in.

the enemy beneath the skin
krupt darkness becomes me... 080124
CheapVodka All these years later, the fear is still persistent. I have grown so much as a person. I think the fear is relative.

For years I slept in abandoned buildings and bushes, in the complete dark. For years I never thought twice about the fear, because I was occupied with other fish that were much bigger and more in need of frying.

Nowadays, at almost 30 yrs old, I still find myself walk/running as fast as I can to get to my room. I jump up onto my bed, in case there is anything underneath. Immediately I cover my feet and face under the blanket, because everyone knows if you let even a toe hang out, it will be taken.

I imagine that if I pull the blanket down from my face, I will see something or someone standing over me. I tell myself, I repeat in my head, this is an irrational fear! I'm almost 30 yrs old for fuck's sake! Still, I avoid moving the blanket any further down then my forehead. I mean, what if by freak accident something is really there?

Sure sure, irrational fear. No need to go thru any of this. Sadly, I think I will be going thru this nonsense for the rest of my life.

I have theories as to why my poor psyche feels the need to manifest this horror. But that is for another blathe.
epitome of incomprehensibility I'm not usually scared of the dark, but I've kept the habit of pulling at least one sheet over my head. Partly it's because there's a streetlight across the street from the window and I prefer to sleep in the dark.

So, really, the opposite? But it's true I feel weirdly exposed when I don't have anything on top of my head in bed.

Maybe I should sleep with a nightcap. No, not a drink, an actual nightcap, like Ebenezer Scrooge in A Christmas Carol. That would at least amuse any ghosts who came to visit.
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