lola your expectations and replace with your beliefs. o le le, le la 000528
Sintina To be a means that you are not with the others you are not a part of THEM and sometimes you're happier that way and sometimes you're not.

It is a noun for those that are not THEM
A verb for the process of getting rid of those we don't like
And an adjective all its own.
insignificant parallels the body rejects the heart or organs or blood
attacks the intruder which is trying to save it
rebellious teenager
demure if you find me here,
you will just crush me into the ground
like every other piece of dirt.
You should treat me
like i am nothing to you
because i am.
whofuckincares which way does the cookie crumble?
it shouldnt matter but it does
why does it close in like others
when its sole purpose is comfort
what's it to you?
who go