dallas I'd like to know some things about you that you don't tell anyone because you'd rather it not be spread around. 980901
jeff dirt is that which is envied by a hole in the ground. loneliness, the most fucking painful emotion out there, is nothing but a hole in the self - a 'self' whose existence is defined by the dirt that surrounds it. 980905
Caine the pride of the infield.
dirteater tastes good, i like to eat dirt. 990330
daxle if you don't stop housing worms, I'm going to start a hydroponic garden 990511
kim what is dirt anyway? other then clear as mud... dirt is dirt. it's poop, yes poop. ah ha... now you'll think twice about eating something that's dropped on the ground, eh? 991014
robin the romance of dirt accelerates towards the end of the decade as the middle classes search for the century ache that real people enjoy
don't even mention the millenium
marjorie the dirt in the mountains,
when mixed with petroleum
causes my boots to turn blue
i scrub
is it copper?
whatever the cause
black and blue
starbug my world-strings
are fluttering in a cold wind
like the blue ribbons
of an untied baby bonnet.
i can't feel the world
under the tires of my car
or the sunrays that dance
on other people's faces

my big pink shell
(the visible part of me)
goes through the motions
while i float around inside.

i'm looking for some weight:
a heavy suitcase or maybe
an overturned truck
to make being be easier--

yeah, for the bowler hat
that will tie my ribbons
and press my Self deep
into the warm dirt
blah fun to play in sometimes 000627
forlorad i am only dirt. i have to be, i fucking have to be. 000707
Barrett ...a stinking pistol
in my mouth
on my tongue.
tourist I used to be called Dirt. Except when I was wet, then my name was Mud. 001103
SickSadDaria Everyone has dirt on me. There's nothing I don't tell people that is my own. Therefore, there's really nothing that is my own. In an effort to bring people closer, I give them free license to leave and tell everyone about my dirt. 001220
Anthony Keidos I Like Dirt 010612
Casey I'd like ta live beneath the dirt.
A tiny space to move and breathe, is all that i would ever need.
I wanna live beheath the dirt, where I'd be free from push and shove. Like all those forming up above.
Beneath their heals I'd spend my time.
? Dirt is what i live in when i'm dead
dirt is track four on "Fun House"
dirt is brown
and dirty
phil DIRT-Alice In Chains

I Have Never Felt Such Frustration
Or Lack Of Self Control
I Want You To Kill Me
And Dig Me Under, I Wanna Live No More

One Who Doesn't Care Is One Who Shouldn't Be
I've Tried To Hide Myself From What Is
Wrong For Me, For Me (chorus)

I Want To Taste Dirty, A Stinging Pistol
In My Mouth, On My Tongue
I Want You To Scrape Me From The Walls
And Go Crazy Like You've Made Me

You, You Are So Special
You Have The Talent To
Make Me Feel Like Dirt
And You, You Use Your
Talent To Dig Me Under
And Cover Me With Dirt
Syrope we watched a video in biology on the immune system, and it said something about how kids who were overprotected didn't grow up to have as many "logged" antibodies* in their system, and it showed a mom scolding her little girl for eating something that fell in the dirt. so it's good to eat dirt...in an average human's life, in your sleep you'll inhale about 70 kinds of bugs and 10 spiders.

logged anitbodies* - every time you get an infection/disease your body produces antibodies and will produce them (or at least remember how to) forever. thats why most people only get chickenpox once. i had a really mild case, so i still got shingles later, but *shrug*
FNP90 i suppose I ate strange skuff when i was a kid, flowers, worms, urine, beer 020310
Keys Too long in this city,
Your beauty is the same color as these high building walls.
You are dirt enshrined elegance, long and waiting with parking meter shadows
the dirt has been added there, wiped across your soul, like charcol shading, swept by these long streets.
moi Man was formed from dust and to dust he shall return, leaving out all the stains of spiritual uncleanliness that we try to keep hidden from view; dirt. 031029
himog clean out your CLOSET! 040401
mathieu Damn, the corridor is dirty again. Who'll have to clean up ? I guess it's me...

I hide the dirt under the stoves, behind the shoes, or below the sofa.

Then I smile. Good work. But it will get dirty again. Eh ! Gives me work - I'm a sort of housemaid, after all.
dirtysecrets ..is why you never knew me at all.. 080801
In_Bloom Why is it simple and less to be content with dirt rather than pavement?
I enjoy pavement to barrel along at high speeds but when it comes to looking into your face, I want my feet still upon dirt
And I don't want you to dare look away
what's it to you?
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