matt. What shadows we are, and what shadows we pursue. 990721
miniver A streetlamp twitches light like morse code in the hollow Wintry, carving liquid-wicked messages to ghosts among the madness; and, shimmy up the sour sidewalk, spirits whisper silent sound in heebiejeebie language of the damned, the sorrow-bound, and stretch their soulstains, shadowing the ground 'til all the darkness darkens, thickens, deepens into night. 990829
sw In the morning, the blackbirds moving in the shadows. 991116
lyndsay The emotions that cover my face so that you can't see the light in my eyes 991212
alexit What follows in the guise of my past?
Show form!
Do you haunt?
Who is there which I remember.
I repent.
Harry Drop not upon me
Thine Scythe!
Ye foul stalker,
take not what is mine.
birdmad fall 001004
staringintothesun shadows are what i free
when the whole world looks black and i just want to get away
god shadowy lurking figures behind the glass at night. 010131
andie written 1-31-01

the shadows
the shadows
the shadows they creep in
wish they would cover my bones
swallow me up so i can breathe
give me the air i desperately need

the shadows
the shadows
the shadows walk on tiptoe
so as not to wake the dead
with their chilling silence

the shadows
the shadows
the shadows stand still
imagine i don't see them near
wish they would invade my soul

the shadows
the shadows
the shadows sings such a sweet song
strain the ear to barely hear them
as they draw me nearer and nearer

copyright 2001
tourist Well you know
The time has come
And you're sorry
For what you've done
You should never
Have been playing
A gun in those
Complicated Shadows
(elvis costello)
boo I see shadows everytime I start to emerge from my glycerine haze 010227
kinkazoid i havent actually looked at my shadow in a long time. i remember when i was little i used to always tell my self that i would forget things, and i wouldnt act differently when i got older. but i used to see my shadow all the time...and i used to play with barbies. 010608
dB There you will find me. In the periphery. Watching. Waiting. 010609
Boymansonbowie sometimes i don't want to see anyone so i hide in the shadows of my mind. it is most difficult to get me out then, except for my friends. they are the only ones who know where to find me and how to get me out. 020207
kx21 Tell me how to nullify & eliminate all the shadows which are strung around You...

bethany i see my shadow walking beside me up a ways in the parking lot. she's a nice svelt twiggy, at least 5'8", and her clothes fit her just perfectly, no flyaways.
then i get to the car and my whole reflection fits.
kx21 Given that you can't live without or get rid of your shadows in the Cosmos...

Are your shadows travelling or moving faster than the 'Light;...
phil your shadows do not move, they do not excist 020515
werewolf shadows are not black, neither are rain clouds. They just are blocked from a broader light. 020515
kmontso fourteen years that she was sick.
fourteen years that I was dead. Shadows.
Freak I love to see the reactions on peoples faces when they have just witnessed that Im not the quiet girl lost in the shadows. 021001
~gez~ it followed me all the way home. though it was lit by streetlamps. i think if it was all dark. he would not have came 021001
-{::EphemeralArcs::}- A distance unremembered
has crossed me,
Talent untempered,
slows me.

Past uncounted shadows,
my qualms pass by,

Over years, no havens to revel in,
a distant mountain,
to sit and contemplate up in.
Rhin fall 021029
Rhin can i turn around and hide in my own? 021029
Kosh_Bgosh if you go to z'ha'dum
you will die
the mines of moria The bridge at Khazad-dum 030421
Nihility ...there must be light somewhere 030730
crimson Peter Pan tried to attatch his with soap. Oh Peter, you're so silly!

"I'm a shadowboxer, baby
I wanna be ready for what you do
I been swinging all around me
'Cause I don't know when you're
gonna make your move"

Live in the darkness and shadows begin to hate you.
xXShadow_GoddessXx from the inner darkness lurks the fowl beast...the shadows which crawl from every corner where light once stood...they swarm around, consuming the lost souls in their grasp...trapping them inside themselves...and throw them to their master...the darkness. Where I live. 031019
pipedream remind us of how bright the sunshine is. 031019
blah-ze a nice place to lair or lurk. 031020
Lemon_Soda Thee substance of dreme,
we shape and scheme,
whats needed we make,
thought real, yet fake
Death of a Rose me and my shadow (singing really badly) 031020
reue everyone has their own shadows
things they hide in them
your meant to look at the person, not down at their feet... staring at the things wrong with them.

what does my shadow say i wonder?
celestias shadow go henceforth from here, beings of mist and spirit, and never return until ye work is done! 031025
grern night 040323
flies PLATO SUX BALLS 040325
kay-tie i used to spend hours in bed playing with the shadows on the wall. i couldnt really ever make anything. i would just make each hand into a creature and they would talk to each other.... about what i don't remember.

when we'd go for walks i would run as my shadow would try to catch up to me, eventually she would always get past me. she'd keep coming back for more.
_alone & lost_ Shadows are a dark, warm blanket to escape into. They hide, and cover what you don't want others to see. You can dissapear into the pit of darkness that awaits you so patiently. To vanish completely from the world. No one will find you here- you're safe. Safe from the harsh life that lies outside. The screaming winds that tear you away from all you ever loved. There is no wind here. It is a haven. A shelter from the living. No one will ever come looking for you, and no one will find you. You're safe. Here. In the shadows. 040526
pete im standing in the shadows,
covered in the dust upon me
smothered and swept away
by all corners and covers
into the mask of silence,
the safeness of darkness...
_alone & lost_ i am busy bonding with the shadows
feeling what they're made of
that airy, swirling, essence of a shadow
that is so hard to grasp
i am pulling at thier corners
lifting up the blanket of dust
and being consumed by a chill of solitary
as i curl up under the shadows themselves
i will never move again.
kidkrazy when you're crazy, you try to wash it off the wall. TURN THE LIGHTS OFF! OFF! OFF! 041215
drkmotives When it's dark, quiet and lonely,
That's where you'll find me.
Hiding in the shadows
Waiting for the person that would notice.
pSyche They're still following me.
Why won't they leave me be?
gemaniacal the dark places she lives in now rank with the decay of what once was in the light 041216
crazy IGG they won't stop following me
i'm going insane
as they pop in and out of the fabric of reality
and stare at me until i look
then they vanish
into ordinary shapes and ordinary objects
but they are everywhere.

i need to take some pills for this
Rale Rage my heart is clogged with it... 050912
Rale Rage my heart is clogged with it... 050912
evilpunkrawker when i saw your shadow behind me, i flinched, but hoped you'd follow me home. 070418
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