typhoid "Pan, an ugly god that had goat legs, a tail, beard and horns, was known to seduce many nymphs including Echo and Eupheme, but by far his greates conquest was that of the goddess Selene. Some stories claim that she succumbed to his wishes in exchange for a fine fleece. Others claim that Pan disguised his deformed form within white fleeces. She rode on his back and allowed Pan to do as he wished."

she then gave birth to a herd of white oxen.
amy Puck, knavish sprite. 000910
typhoid hairy pants and horny in the castro
some thought i WAS puck...
misstree pan-hearn-devil
so many faces for such an ingrained jungian archetype,
virility and debauchery and, in the end, defeat.
there were no female satyrs, back then.
jason strangely I sift through an pan harmonic maze, subconsciously sewn and expressed without regard, regardlessly incessant consciousness drums arbitrary necessity, and in 7 days and as many nights, choas conquers all. 040312
...AntiqueClocks... Ha! Peter Pan.... 040313
sameolme Panophobia, the fear of everything,
is named after the god who's realm is everything, everything wild and untamed
by ideology. No soothing story can contain or control him. He is everywhere that has not been conquered by reason.
He plays his games heedless of hierarchies, panicked minions flee his melodies. Vengeful gods will never catch him, he is freedom.
hsg "...The ancient_greeks also considered Pan to be the god of theatrical_criticism"

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