loreren Do you believe she exisits? Or are you one yourself? Can you hold her image...does she have wings, eyes of flame? Or does she hold you down, under the ocean pulling in the dreams from the waters in which you drown? 000425
amy damn straight, i'm a goddess 000425
the void I used to have a pink goddess sticker on the back of my car
now the back of my car is in St. Louis and the front is down the block a ways...

such a pity,
I loved that sticker
misstree the one who smiles
when i need it most
kaskarkaminski I do believe
So don't think i don't
I cannot say i've seen her
Some say will some say won't
Kudos for believers
moonshine I now crown you the enlightened one armed leper goddess! 000802
the devils wings exposed a goddess
a queen

do i place faith
do i take a space on the board

am i an acolyte?
am i a pawn?
Aaron just a guy. i've known 3 beautiful women i would call goddess , and they know who they are . all were fair , kind of heart and soul . 3 of the most beautiful women i have ever known. 000803
vermouth Check out how the site on "God" is a meandering debate about Christianity. I like a diety that evades controversy. In the beginning there was the word, and the word was "Goddess". Isis, specifically. Astarte, Demeter, Hectate, Diana, Kali, Illana, Sarasvati... Goddess lore pre-dates "god" lore by thousands of years. 000907
godley and cream rhin 001124
the devil may care She was
She is

and for this fact, she will forever be out of my reach.

Her grace was like a drug to me, addictive even in the smallest dose.

In her absence, withdrawal is the only forecast.
the marriage of heaven and hell goddess adulation turns out fruitless, poopy scoop. 001125
gawd yeh, but what the fuck. 001126
amy "Oh_Goddess..." 001126
miniver I consider myself more like...a gnome. Yeah.

Hah. Something distracting like that, anyway.

Or maybe just a god of something really obscure and ridiculous. God of 13.2 mm Sprockets. Or God of Running Out of Toothpaste A Little Bit Too Soon (you know, when the foam all goes away, and you don't know whether to put more toothpaste on or just give up...even though all you needed were just a few more seconds...)

That's me.

Although, for some reason, I don't really think of gnomes as being female, ever. My teddybears were always male too, though. Who would want a female teddybear? Not me.

Lady_morgaine is half of Spirit. 010215
unhinged "you will be the goddess of this piece"

then how come i still feel like shit? how come i can't be happy with the way i play my violin? i could give up, but if i did i would have nothing left to live for.
unhinged right on brotha

one small problem....19 years of conditioning

algernon charles swinburne Of the maiden thy mother men sing as a goddess with grace clad around;
Thou art throned where another was king; where another was queen she is crowned.
Yea, once we had sight of another: but now she is queen, say these.
Not as thine, not as thine was our mother, a blossom of flowering seas,
Clothed round with the world's desire as with raiment, and fair as the foam,
And fleeter than kindled fire, and a goddess, and mother of Rome.
For thine came pale and a maiden, and sister to sorrow; but ours,
Her deep hair heavily laden with odour and colour of flowers,
White rose of the rose-white water, a silver splendour, a flame,
Bent down unto us that besought her, and earth grew sweet with her name.
For thine came weeping, a slave among slaves, and rejected; but she
Came flushed from the full-flushed wave, and imperial, her foot on the sea.
And the wonderful waters knew her, the winds and the viewless ways,
And the roses grew rosier, and bluer the sea-blue stream of the bays.
Ye are fallen, our lords, by what token? we wise that ye should not fall.
Ye were all so fair that are broken; and one more fair than ye all.
But I turn to her still, having seen she shall surely abide in the end;
Goddess and maiden and queen, be near me now and befriend.
O daughter of earth, of my mother, her crown and blossom of birth,
I am also, I also, thy brother; I go as I came unto earth.
In the night where thine eyes are as moons are in heaven, the night where thou art,
Where the silence is more than all tunes, where sleep overflows from the heart,
Where the poppies are sweet as the rose in our world, and the red rose is white,
And the wind falls faint as it blows with the fume of the flowers of the night,
And the murmur of spirits that sleep in the shadow of Gods from afar
Grows dim in thine ears and deep as the deep dim soul of a star,
In the sweet low light of thy face, under heavens untrod by the sun,
Let my soul with their souls find place, and forget what is done and undone.
Thou art more than the Gods who number the days of our temporal breath;
Let these give labour and slumber; but thou, Proserpina, death.
pat sajaks ghost you bet. even if you do pee in bottles. 010616
Transatlantic In the tinyest slip, she sparkles in my mind, for less than a second, I hold her.
Eternity impossible. Walking behind me I stare.

you don't need to believe. You know Her already.

Luna, Aphrodite, Rhiannon, Isis, Ariadne.
pralines&cream ... me. 010823
ClairE Hey, pralines&cream stole my blathe.

It's okay. I'm a benevolent goddess.
Grievance Oh my goddess!(very good anime btw)
(think: Oh my god! - ! + dess + !)
i thought goddesses were humble?
Mahayana blather has many
but 1 in particular
is word associated
she knows who she is
Mahayana samdhya: goddess of twilight
a nature goddess. a name which is for transition into darkness, a croning name, and a name rich in abundance and mystery.

[all right fess up who will give samdhya a run for her goddess-ness?][hmmm?][anyone]
unhinged i think i would challenge the night goddess today

when it's dark and quiet and lonely, that's where you'll find me. hiding in the shadows waiting for the person that would notice
nOx peering from behind masquerade
nOx [goddess of the night] crept up at the back of unhinged’ment...& hinged her turning points for remnants of the night ... such altruistic traditions nOx has been prone to convey all the way through hours of darkness...
mesmerized by means of tranquil shadows you can not be of assistance nevertheless timepiece them vanishing in & out ... in such crimson velvety succor

flickery brush
prancing about the flames
of your smoldering fires
camping ever so in close proximity
intimate enough 2 fix eyes on
but faraway adequatly embracing her sovereignty

fading in & out ... within such burgundy velvet solace you give the impression of forgottence…. you have been visited… once upon a time all over again…. by means of the individual whom explores ones shadow self, the dark goddess, of inner mysteries... nOx... nOx... nOx

::when shadows slumber you shall find crowbars with rusty marks dusting tips::
zenfishsticks you make me feel like bast, cat goddess of the night.

sleepily opening moon-gold eyes
i watch as you kneel
face as peaceful as a small child
[embalmed?], lips parted
my luxurious cat-stretch turns
curves into angles into curves
which you hallow with your touch
my ancient purr pervades all time.
blown cherry what he used to call me, when we first met. A long, long time ago.

Then he stopped.
Photophobe The goddess hates me.

I think all guys must be a little scared of her, because we know she has power, but we don't understand it.

Easy to understand force. Fire and earth and pain and blood.

But her weirding way can never be learnt. To learn it would be like being possessed.
Mahayana anima_mundi 020316
werewolf It's as if all my life i had been uttering a goddess' name, and then when she somehow became known to me, and spoke her first anticipated words...it was my name....a self fufilling miracle 020321
werewolf and while it is all in me, it has so little to do with me. Strange how a person can fill your world, and still not be it. 020321
lost Amanda Hubacek ( none of you know her, but oh well) 020321
and... smile 020322
Death of a Rose How much for one of these goddesses? Does wal-mart have the cheap kind? In aisle seven, you say just past the ice skates.

24.99, what a steal.

Come on little goddess, I've got the perfect place for you on my mantel. Heck, I'll even dust it off for you.
misstree there's one on clearance over at book_of_eris for $23.05. she's a little weird, a little dysfunctional, and sometimes breaks things, but she's low maintenence and absolutely *must* be invited to parties. 031009
Death of a Rose I'm getting paid to do this......no really I am.......getting a fat ole paycheck to blather.....I feel so evil....like making the finger signal to a squirrel.

Like another blatherite (is that the designation of a neophyte blatherer or is it an actual induction into this wonderful galaxy of people?) said once, "Can I keep her?", yes was the reply, but you feed her, clothe her, clean up after her, but only if she wants to be kept.
Jules Why this obcession over her?
I feel I've lost you,
its now gone to blur.
She overtakes your heart

of which now consists only of sorrow
you are now a man broken apart
to this beauty you owe
the pieces of your broken soul
Lay there and just stay
Just stay for the wind to sweep you away

For what was once a man
is not just a broken heart left in decay
smurfus rex I'm still looking into the "Mists of Avalon" approach...

...the one where it is proposed that the Goddess changed just enough to fit in with the "new faith" as Mary.

interesting thought...and it helps me understand the Catholic veneration of her
blah blah 031118
KAt I LOVE JULI! 031118
hey You are a goddess 031122
ambermoon i beleive.she is the ONE. a lovely midnight moon.watching us.blessed be 040108
taintedluv Blessed be :)
we all come from The Goddess and to Her we shall return..

I stole that^^^^ from a somg but I love it!!!
mournful Goddess is all encompassing yet under most conditions we forget her. She weeps yet no one hears. only her anger caused by long suffering is felt by most, or her joy for what we have not yet raped her of. We cannot destroy her; we will only destroy ourselves ... or force her to destroy us for her own safety. can no one else here her? 040224
ambermoon the goddess is with us always and with her love and guidence we will be one with Mother Earth and know ourselfs as the magical cretures she has alway wanted us to be. So Mote It Be. 040224
PrEtTy LiTtLe PrInCeSs Some call me goddess, others call me bitch. It doesn't matter anymore - a goddess is a bitch, and a bitch usually acts like a goddess. I am a goddess...not because I don't need makeup to look pretty, or because I'm popular, or because I'm nice to everyone...I'm a goddess because I own boys. I'm so manipulative, I get boys to fall in love with me, thinking in their tiny minds that they might actually have a chance with me, when in reality all I'm doing is adding them to my entourage. Boys are so easy to manipulate, they fall for anything, especially if there is a pretty face attached...things are so much easier when you're a pretty girl! Not to sound conceited, because I'm not, but this is just how life is...if you're a pretty girl, you own any guy that fails to look beneath your pretty exterior, to see the real you beneath. I am the Goddess of Vengeance, getting revenge on all those pretty-boy guys who think they're all that and can get any girl they choose and treat them like shit. I date them and break their hearts, like they have broken countless other innocent girls, including my own. These boys are easy to pick out, cuz they don't even look to see what's beneath the treacherous exterior. I would never hurt a nice boy, only one who has destroyed others. Only one person in the world knows me for what I truly am, and he isn't telling. So for all you boys who break girls hearts, beware, you might be next on my list... 040310
taintedluv She leads me in Her loving arms to Truth and gives me strength when i falter....Blessed Be Our Goddess! She Still Lives And Always Will, I hope that other people see this before it is too late for them.. 040610
witchesrequiem Give me strngth mother!
To deal with this hell...
I never wanted a tan.

Guide me and my borthers and sisters to see your wisdom.
love & hate Every sense of her being proves it to me, she is the one i crave, the one i love, the one who's radiance shines out and smothers my darkness within. She is the goddess who will save me again from this bitter twisted world of reality. 040611
love & hate Every sense of her being proves it to me, she is the one i crave, the one i love, the one who's radiance shines out and smothers my darkness within. She is the goddess who will save me again from this bitter twisted world of reality... 040611
Piso Mojado my_body_is_a_temple 050701
emmi i'm no goddess, i'm just a woman... just another baby in mother earth's big belly. 051023
IGG she_sleeps_on_silk 051024
Qntal We all come from the Goddess
And to Her we shall return
Like a drop of rain
Flowing to the ocean
stork daddy i'm stuck in the desert, can she pick me up? 060919
Myrrdin IsIs ~ Demeter ~ Arinna ~ Yemaya ~ Diana ~ Inanna
~ Ishtar ~ Hecate ~ Brigid ~ Freyja ~ Nammu ~
Astarte ~ Sophia ~ AuLat ~ Maat ~ Minerva ~ Nut ~
Otohime ~ Hathor ~ Mawu ~ Aphrodite ~ Kanayama-hime
~ Luna ~ Kali Ma ~ Quan Yin ~ Selene ~ Kore ~
Amaterasu ~ Pandora ~ Medusa ~ Nathor ~ Venus ~
Gaia ~ Funadama ~ Sedna ~ Iris ~ Corn Mother ~
Dana ~ Kannon ~ Cerridwen ~ Irene ~ Macha ~
Rhiannon ~ Kishimo-jin ~ Hel ~ Mary ~ Benzai-Ten ~
Frigga ~ Vinca ~ Lady of the Beasts ~ Uba ~ Rowan
~ Artemis ~ Ma ~ Ki ~ Gabjauja ~ Lhamo ~ Amentet ~
Gabija ~ Laka ~ Selene ~ Allat ~ Uac Rapito ~
Pavasiya ~ Lahar ~Zemyna ~ Securitas ~ Sechat-Hor
~ Pandara ~ Saps ~ Rheia ~ Ma-Zu ~ Ran ~ Quiritus
~ Prende ~ Kishi-Bojin ~ Flora ~ Mayahuel ~ Chup-
Kamui ~ Mafdet ~ Diti ~ Fauna ~ Aradia ~ Kaminari
~ Vaisgamta ~ Atabey ~ Pales ~ Zeme pati ~
Kaupuole ~ Rasyte ~ Marisha-Ten ~

Artemis of Ephesus ~ Kami-Musubi ~ Aparajita ~ Hina
~ Oya ~ Zenenet ~ Bona Dea ~ Uma ~ Daphne ~ Heket -
~ Ixtab ~ Saule ~ Caca ~ Baubo ~ Eye Goddess ~ -
Ixchel ~ Helene ~ Quilla ~ Izanami ~ Queen of Heaven -
~ Unut ~ Ostara ~ Benzai-Ten ~ Zana ~ -
Bastet ~ Anuket ~ Sothis ~ Ana ~ Oshun ~ Hygeia ~ -
Sengen ~ Pele ~ Sauska ~ Aditi ~ Lilith ~ Toyouke--
Omikami ~ She Who is Many ~ Athena ~ Zemes Mate ~ -
Ceres ~ Fulla ~ Ningal ~ Marama ~ Uni ~ Lucina ~ -
Grandmother Spider ~ Am-No-Tanabata-Hime ~ Nepit ~ -
Adraste ~ Persephone ~ Ba ~ Jord ~ Cybele ~ Hera ~ -
Anath ~ Parvati ~ Jian Lao ~ Asthoreth ~ Inar ~ -
Laka ~ Epona ~ Uzume ~ Circe ~ Damona ~ Camunda -
~ Anat ~ Rosmerta ~ Zuimaco ~ Anahita ~ -
Pomona ~ Eos ~ Tyche ~ Peitho ~ Korrawi ~ Sachmet ~ -
Isara ~ Nemetona ~ Kubaba ~ Fortuna ~ Aurora ~ -
Jurate ~ Antum ~ Hine-nui-te-po ~ Ala ~ Karitei-mo ~ -
Ahurani ~ Kybele ~ Kaltes ~ Nana ~ Ida ~ Pachet ~ -
Milda ~ Zemyna ~ Fravasi ~ Brigantia ~ -
Blodeuwedd ~ Yuki-Onna ~ Artio ~ Nakatsu-Hime ~ -
Selket ~ Tlazolteotl ~ Abundantia ~ Alpan ~ Uli ~ -
Neith ~ Krumine ~ Venus of Laussel ~ Vinca Bird Goddess ~ -
Ame-No-Mi-Kumari ~ Medeine ~ Bride ~ -
Asherah ~ Jurakan ~ Ihuanaboina ~ Acatl ~ Pergubre ~ -
Moon Goddess ~ Laima ~ Giltine ~ Laksmi ~ Gusti -
Kanjeng Ratu Kidul ~ Minoan Snake Goddess ~ -
Brigit ~ Gaea ~ Kali Ma ~ Kuan Yin ~ Mother Earth ~ -
Neoilithic Goddesses ~ Dolni ~ Haniyasu-hime ~ -
Kojin ~ Kishijoten ~ Goddess of the Amazons ~ -
Dewi Sri ~
rammmmmy If you where stuck in the desert you wouldn't be on the computer blathing. 060919
Engel Von Blut Hello everyone 060919
what's it to you?
who go