moonshine Knowing you knowing me.
Knowing that in the 6 years we've known eachother. I ve managed to hurt you more then anyone else in the world. That I've gone past extremes to hurt you for loving me. Every now and then I fall apart. Now I m the one who comes by to see you. Over highways, oceans,. I ve crept upon your shadow and I'm trying to just be a very good friend.
never_is_always crept, crypt, cropped, lopped, locked, mocked, defrocked, defunct, debunked, debut, review, renew, mew, stew, lieu, true, trap, trip, trunk, sunk, monk, month, moth, froth, Thoth, thought, taught, fought, fault, fit, foam, roam, tome, tone, crone, zone, zap, lap,lack, lake, fake, rake, rock, sock, sack, sip , sap, nap, gnat, fat, fact, act, ached, aced, paced, packed, poked, pope, rope, wrote, writ, sit, kit, zit, zig, fig, fag (cigarette), fad, fed, said, lead, lad, land, sand, fanned, banned, banded, bonded, obsconded, obsessive, possesive, regressive, regarded, unguarded, ungrasp, rasp, asp,axe, sax, backs, rack, reek, meak, leak, leap, keep, kept, crept 040210
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