Sol the biggest moth in the world is trying to get in my window, it is beating itsself to pieces to reach the light
i think it wants to use the computer
to progagate its plans ot create a worldwide moth network
working in unison to take over and smother us humans
first they will lay eggs which when they hatch will leave us all clothless
then they will suffocate us one by one
and then feed our remains to their captive carniverous butterflies
distorted tendencies Moths are dusty and ugly. 011007
Casey The anti-butterflies 011007
sabbie moths are undercover butterflies.
either that, or
butterflies are moths all ready for a night out. a day out. whatever.
kelli crane moths are worms with wings
mothra_jones moths are beautiful

*two tiny japanese women singing*
birdmad powdery wings
flights headlong into light
kss there was a moth, and the cats were chasing it. I thought it was pretty funny. Moths seem so stupid, and the cats were really excited with it's flitting and banging. Then there was a pause, and the cats stared as the moth rested on the window, too high for them to reach. I cupped my hand, and with a quick snatch scooped and soft moth flutters banged inside the closed sphere of my fist. I brought it to the kitchen, and used a snap of the wrist to hurl it to the floor, where it lay stunned. the cats pawed at it, and the moth fluttered, but did not fly.

then I realized what a total asshole I was being. I picked up the moth and threw it out the back door. I hope it's okay, and I don't think I'll do that again.

sorry moth
a sweet girl because you touched it, i'm sure it died shortly after.

also, cats are disgusting.
the dude yeah, well - that's like, your opinion, man. 030607
x you're not a sweet girl at all.
a sweet girl | an honest girl yes, it is my opinion.

as for being a liar, that's yours x.

i find you to be critical of a lot of people, but it makes no difference to me.
x you may well think that cats are disgusting, but it's a fact that they're wonderful. how's that for positivity, bitch?! 030607
x oh, and watch The Big Lebowski 030607
pussy There is nothing wrong with being afraid of moths, whoever you may be

A huge black phantom forever searching for the light

It's gross wings beating rapidly against the window

It's very shadow is the herald of doom

Often it will bear a sick, dreadful pattern on it's wings, like the devil himself drew it on

A horrible beastly body covered with fur

The carrier of nightmares flies into my room and straight toward my face

I frantically shoo it away while grabbing my worn fly swatter

Maybe I can get it out the window

It suddenly takes a cover of darkness within the open closet

Moments later, no sign of the deadly curse

I'll be sleeping in the living room tonight

This is true fear
a sweet girl agreed. The Big Lebowski is a great flick. 030729
elisabeth42 This morning I found one dead on my porch. It was a huge moth, the Godzilla of moths... err, yeah, that would be Mothra. I had tried to save Mothra from the rain last night by putting him (her?) in a dry place, but eh. Didn't work. I thought he was supposed to be nearly invincible? What gives?

P.S. - I like cats. :)
magicforest moth abstract identity beauty 040523
hmmpf i have no problems with moths but am terrified of butterflies.

is that normal?
u24 nothing is normal. 040617
a butterfly Fear Me! 040617
hmmpf *shudders*
swats at a butterfly and feels slightly more eloquent about being abnormal :) thanks!
dessiahs_song faltering, it flies
rests on stone
invisible in its pale chocolate
leaving a dusty trail behind.

in my palm
it rests
palpable as rain
wings flutter
an amadeus
as it fades
into skin
dead skin.
dessiahs_song (blanche dubois) 070110
In_Bloom I have been that
Drawn to a light I can almost taste
Singed and burned from passionately bumping against a thing I was so sure I could transform by
If only I get in
Under the skin to swim in the blood
All the while...
The dust of my efforts crumbled away, recalled only as something to be brushed off of clothes
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