Grendel pursuit.

usually resultant from some variant of desire.

the desire for meaningful company and/or a little sex being my favorite reason to "chase" anything, generally.

so i guess right now i'm chasing Katrina
forever endangered Chasing after the dreams I never thought I deserve.... running with my heart on my sleeve...not caring what will happen after the moments of happiness have past, living life minute by minute, not worrying about all the bad things that have a possibility of happening. 030519
bank holdup productions Amy 030519
endless desire around and around
and her hand is outreached
searching for something to hold onto
to love and call her own.
mj they say it's all in the chase.
what happens when you get tired?
do you ever get that second wind?
does it ever come?
does it ever come?
junkie yes the second wind comes more often than it should but i don't know why
it has to do with some kind of urge
i hate myself for it
but the chase goes on
gross McDonalds...

oh fantastic !

give people heart disease...
then spend all your taxes on....
curing the people you have...

well done... great idea.

food chains !

why don't you just have one healthy one ?
what's it to you?
who go