Quintessensual she
took it
from him

gave it
to her

gave it
to him

took it
from her

is that happily?

while she
outlasted him
and he
Nate Higgins Her everything attaches me to this world
Every moment every hour every day
Her sensuous heart: glistening pearled
Appears when I try to slip away
Acuhymen "she came in through the bathroom window."

she broke my nose with a sta(i)r(e)
girl happiness makes me want to wipe that smile off her face 000326
medea I saw the shadows within her eyes and I wanted to bathe in the shelter there. relaxed and pure and dove - white. I brushed and braided her hair while she tried to focus on the kaleidoscope that kept twirling in her mind. I started to see the colors reflected in her eyes and I tried to reach in there and discover the jewels but my hand got scratched and she turned away. shadows came again and I poured flowers from my tongue all around her. 000405


W H O R E S !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Seth I met a woman who isn't a whore. She doesn't ask for anything. Not even my time. She loves me for me. We make passionate love. I don't ask her to. She doesn't ask me to. It's sort of like life. It just happens.

If you call her a whore, she'll be one. People do what's expected of them. You do what's expected of you. The real question is, who is doing the expecting? Is it a personal communication between two people? Or does society imprint upon us? What makes her thing the way she does? I think that I've found a woman who can answer these questions.

The journey continues.
Seth Thing equals think... I hope. 000830
daxle I sit next to her, knowing it was a mistake to call her and and force her out of the world which was making her miserable, because it only followed her out the door in the space of her head. Silence, utter silence, lies between us despite the hums of radioless freeway driving. I think about life things, petty things, and her things, and occasionally contemplate whether she thinks I am mad or not. When she finally dropped me off I wished her luck and she acknowledged but when I said "habye" she said nothing as far as I can tell. I hestitated a second before closing the car door. We always take overly long to depart from eachother. This was not right.
During the ride home it occurred to me that maybe I just wanted her to break up with him because he had given me so many miserable nights alone, when I had given up all my other friends in belief that she would maintain me. I conceded to myself for the millionth time that no one ever likes my advice so I should know better than to give it.
moonshine The kind of girl you want to sleep with, but never ever take home to your folks. 001004
productanddestruct the urge to turn away and never look back.

she's behind me and i feel her with every step.

i will never be alone...
Crespi I live for her.
I will die for her.
firehunden i love to read her words

her voice is wonderful

what will she be like?

what will she look like?

does that,...should that matter?

we have so much in common

will i like her?

will she like me?


soon i will know

i'd like to meet her
me jolie is a her 010329
Chrity go to:
pinkish i'd like to slap her. 010421
what grendel gets for thinking no,
she wasn't
who i thought she was
zoeanastasia I look and see her
A goddess in her own right
I want to approach but
It's an internal fight
What if she thinks
I am just some big dyke
Who'll dirty her innocence
And ride off on her bike
I am no a femme
But butch won't work for me
I turn to say hi
But it's too late you see
She walked off with her man
As I had this monologue
It is so hard just to talk
To see if you can.
Zoeanastasia I am one of those hers that you can never quite figure out.
i want everything inaccesible and deny those close at hand.
I will know a girl I want to screw and I will look the other way.
As she tells of her and him in some little rendezvous.
I want security but run from serious proposals.
I want to be beautiful as I don that baggy garb.
I am a walking contradiction.
Just ask me, I'll confess.
I know everything and nothing.
But what I know I cannot tell.
I want the security of hetero.
But the idea bores me to death.
I want a homo existence.
But am not courageous to take it.
I am a confused her.
One that tries to be flamboyantly overlooked.
So next time you see a her like me.
Give her a compassionate look.
Fire&Roses I used to wonder if you remembered. I know you do. it was such a part of the story. Even thogh she was never in it I knew she was there. She was the reason I wrote... all those poems you love so much... those paragraphs of passion that ache for you... you cherish them like you cherish me but I wrote because I thought it was her 010723
johnny west I'm so smart. You know what I just figured out? If you shove an "e" on the end of "her", you get "here". Isn't that incredible? I certainly think so. Therefore, it must be. Because I am so smart, I know these things.

I think I am completely burnt out. Finally.

There was more after this, but I erased it. It was too painfully honest and stupid. Bye-bye words! Bye-bye!
johnny west There was a whole hell of a lot more. Wow! I killed a lot of shit! Good for me. 010723
*molly sometimes i wish so very much that i were her. 010731
Marco I'm glad to have met you
And I wish we could be together
Perhaps in a dream somewhere
We are...
distorted tendencies i'm tired of him
i need her
stars Everything she does
Everything she says
Kills me in a different way
I hate what she's done to me
To us
There's a hole in the middle
That's not mending right
But I love you.
I do...
silentbob i imagine she'll be sticking around in my life for quite a while, now...

i wouldn't have it any other way.
ClairE possessive or object

so devilish

i don't think I could ever list all the words that come after her
but I'd like to sit under the stars
and try to name the universe
lexian she buried her creativity for him.
she forsook love of music for him.
she thought to hurt others for him.
she took her soul
and hid it where she would not find it
for him...
though he never asked
only took from her without knowing
and when he left her
it all left with him.

I want Her back.
phil tommorow 020425
Bizzar She thinks that its jealousy.
She thinks that hes just forgotten me.
She thinks I care what she thinks of me.
Fuck her, fuck him.
Because the way I feel has nothing to do with her. She really thinks that I was nothing to him, someday shes gonna get a wakeup call more harsh than the reality that will slap her in the face. I dont care that shes with him. What irks me is that she thinks hes 'sweet' using his recycled lines... all the same ones he used on me. It actualy strikes me as quite funny that she doesnt see what hes doing. And if I liked her, Id warn her. But I dont, so Ill let her figure it out for herself. And she still thinks hes sweet. lol. Well, then I guess that means he was sweet to me, and sweet to every other one of his ex girlfriends. lol - she thinks shes special, she thinks shes different to him. Please... shes the same to him as every other girl hes 'loved' in his past. Im so glad Bryan stole me from him, or else I might have never seen it!
chiefnewo her face
her hair
her eyes
her body
her lips
her smile
her gaze
my gaze
her gaze... goes right past me
i look behind me
and see him
i hate him
and love her
her eyes do not meet mine
they meet his
i give up
i leave
leave her behind
and wish i was him
jayseehc ah, the pronoun that has been so influential upon my life... "her" has often been the reason for my pain, my problems, my anger, and my breakdowns... "her" has been the source of my happiness and of my tears. I have thought at times that the "her"s of this world had things easier than me... that I'd gladly trade. At other times I've thanked God I'm not one of them, for one reason or another. But tonight, I thank God I'm not a "her" for a different reason. Because if I was a "her" then I wouldn't be in love with

rubydee i am her
always have been
always will be
me not enough of her in the world
or at least not enough lesbian ones
adelade her. just who IS she these days? i used to be the one you'd ask that question to. not anymore. no no.

best friends. what a comforting title. made me feel at home. not anymore.

me, a piece of driftwood cast upon shore. her, the white capped waves, pushing me, leaving me farther and farther behind.

alone. unwanted. dejected.
that is me these days.

where do i fit in?
where am i wanted?
where will i be comfortable again... bett yet, when?
why me?
what is wrong with me?
when did i become so pathetic?
who cares where i am. what i am. how i am. who i am. ?
not her. maybe not anyone.

i am me.
standing as tall as i can with a selfconcious slump.
preaching to myself oxymorons.

it will get better someday.
someday i will belong.
but not today.
today i am lonely. lonely and smothered by this utter silence.
thanks to her.

take me away.
will you take me away?

mona loves you "you'll probably have a lot of hate for me after this but I wanna tell you so you know. Yes, I still like (her), and I’m sure you knew that because yeah, you probably did. I knew I would never get a chance with her, ever. You told me you liked me, and I thought about it. (she)is just a simple crush and you're awesome. So I wanted to hang out with you. See how it felt you know? Just to see how we clicked. When we went on that date, all I thought about was you and her and I don’t know.. I was confused. If we started having something. Will I lose feelings for (her)? And on the way home, I wanted to just grab you and kiss you but I couldn’t stop thinking about if I went out with you. Would I change my mind and go for (her) if I had the chance. So I just kinda blah, I don’t know"

He wants her as much as I want him, maybe even more. He used me by the way, if you didn't catch that. He used me

And it hurt,
It hurts.

We were good friends for a long time before any of this happened, but when he did all this, played with my emotions and shit, he completely broke my trust. I don’t even know if I know who he is anymore.

We still talk, some times it is the same as before, but some times I just cant get past it and it is awkward; as it should be. I may be exaggerating but this really sucks and it sucks more that it had to happen this way. I liked him, a lot. All he had to say was, “I still really like her”, and I would have completely understood.

I know how it is like to like someone for so long and never get to have them.
nevermind her, that fucking red faced whore.
her, the whore with whom you share your bed. I hate that fucking cunt and wish she were dead.
andrew ok... HER is someone who I love and have never stopped loving. I haven't talked to her in a good 4 months nor have I had anything to remind me that she exists and no appearent reason to think about her. I do though. I think about talking to her, and I think about calling her and going over to see her. Think about chilling with her. She's got a guy that she met over the summer. I know I should forget about her, but I can't seem to do that 030324
MeSsIaH i want to bash her fucking skull in with a used bicycle tire 030729
lost in melancholy i loved her 030922
Glory Box i still do.

i refuse to give you the presence you deserve, because if i:

finally admit
this shit
where do i go
from here?
frustrated A beautiful, feminine word. Delicate, dainty, gorgeous. I think of the perfect mate when I hear it, and the one that I wish was the perfect mate. 040112
skalix you know at one point in time i did know what was going on, but it seems like me and her have grown distant. I think that she might have found someone. I mean it is good for her, but what happens to freinds? oh well i don't really care much... but then again if i am writing all this crap here, i guess it means that i do really care, and i guess i should say something to her, but then it would be awkward, but the only way to get over this is if i actually do something, or actually not, but sadly i don't really have any feelings for her, so i have just been going on about nothing. 040201
tchiseen her eyes are beautiful her smell her hair her wonderful skin her touch that you've forgotten completely her kiss that doesnt mean a thing but you would trade anything for it absolutely anything to have her love you again


you would give anything for it back to have her as it was with her heart wholly for you and you for hers listening on the phone when she cried sobbing she couldnt believe what you said you made her so happy how could she leave you? why?
sahba i care for her
i'd do much more for her than she expects
to see her smile
we cant be together
not like that
i know that
but yes
i want her to remember me
for a friend i was
black ______________________8888__8888888
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___88__MOOOOOOOOOOOO8888O88888888888888888OOOOOOMm8 88888___888
andyg you spen too much time makeing her 041012
her royal highness the quirk i can't stop reading them. it's a self-preservation thing that keeps me somewhat sane. i wonder if she reads mine. 041013
Staind_And_Souless She
Her laugh
Her smile
The way she'd hold me, kiss me
Nibble my collarbones
Touch me
Hold me

BitterSweetDream I have only just found this comment. From a certain person.

I fell off my chair.
angelwhispers Brooke..

*sigh* i think i will always love her
tyler shes gone
shit, shes gone
i didnt say everything i wanted to
i miss her to death
i want her to come back
or at least visit
oh well, life goes on
Staind_And_Souless I'm buying her tickets to spain.
I'm not sleeping with her.
I'm constantly telling her I don't care about you.
I'm cheating on her.
I'm dying for....
andru235 ""spamming blathes makes me a little sad;
sadly the quantity over quality mantra is true even here ""

--black, @ inspector_gadget_battles_the_giant_sluts

for the record, the "ascii" woman is quite voluptuous.

see her also at:
" static "
" dearest "
" body "

olileauk i lke her a lot, but she's not interested at all.... 051219
highanddry She has my boyfriend.
I have her coat.
m1lty She told me I was everything
She told me She needed me more then ever
She went far away and decided something else
She was fragile broken I put her together
Her I used to break just to fix her back
Her liked the way I protected her
HER went away and decided something better
Her who I broke for my own ego boost
Her found the glue that I held for so long
Her has left me standing here with nothing
left to glue
katebear I am her.

And I am leaving.

There are only so many chances you can give someone.

I can bend a lot before I break. But I'd rather not bend so much, so often, with no recognition.

While I know leaving will hurt my friend, too much has happened for me to stay. I have been hurt too badly, allowed myself to be hurt so long.

No more.

My leaving will hurt him, because he's apologized and done better. And honestly, the whole situation breaks my heart. I don't want to hurt him, and I really don't want to end our friendship. But all this time I've assumed, wrongly, that I alone needed to fix our friendship, and kept extending the olive branch only to have it rejected again and again and again. I'm torn because I can't see the future, and I'm really anxious about making a mistake I can't recover from.

But I need some distance from him; that much has become obvious. Luckily, I have lots of good people steering me the right way when I can't see my way. Thank God for good friends.

I count my roommate among them. He's certainly given his best.

kipper flo 081002
nochoiceforher eyes are the tunnel to all that is pure, innocent 091203
Risen I miss having a Her,
The lazy Sunday mornings in bed,
Curling up on a sofa with a movie,
Long walks in the sunshine,
Laugher, life and love,

I miss having a Her,
Someone in whom I can confide,
Or call at 3am after a nightmare,
Someone to hold, and to hold me,
To ruffle my hair and smile.

I miss having a Her,
To visit me when I am ill,
Lie next to me in a hospital bed,
Help me build my strength,
And not mind me being weak.

I miss having a Her,
Someone to share my soul with,
Who has words in her fingertips,
And breath to warm my neck,
Whose flesh is as familiar as my own.

I miss having a Her,
A partner, an always, a muse.
I miss having someone in the cold nights of winter,
And in the rumpled sheets
Of warm summer mornings.
epitome of incomprehensibility I could analyze the word-picture. It's quite entertaining. The sexualization of the female figure flirts with Freudian overtones by the repetition of "MOM," does it not? I could art-critic it too. The bellybutton is too big and the pubic area is too small - even if you're going for a no-hair look, still too small. Also, it's kind of uncomfortable to twist like that with an arm behind your head - fine for flash photography, but getting a model to pose like that for a painting? Forget it. But letters are flexible.

Freud returned and said I'm jealous of her breasts. I told Freud he was jealous of the female pronoun and he ran away sobbing.
e_o_i Also, I don't know what's with the weird jutting-off butt. Maybe her hair's behind it? She seems to have very long hair.

The Art Critic wonders, that's all.
e_o_i "She" is a monstrous supernatural entity, while "Her" is a computer system. Subject vs. object position. Although both are looking at her from the outside.

"He, She, and It" is also an interesting - philosophical AND campy - work of speculative fiction.

(Can I critique Jeanette Winterson's The Stone Gods for not having enough robot sex? Yes! Would that be silly? Well...)
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