psycho insomniac Your kindred spirit opened my mouth
and freed my mouth of unspoken words.
Your body is always warm,
Even in this frost-bit world,
And your blue-glazed eyes chase away the storms.
You heart flies free like a ivory morning dove,
And perches outside my window.
I watch you, but only from a distance
Because I fear you will flea from my sight if I should approach.
Soft, silky feathers mask your fragile wings
The wings that once shielded me from the skies harsh rains.
But my need to touch; my need to understand led me to my window to get a closer look.
But as I approach you become aware and scared
And I realize you have lost your innocence,
The innocence that I have took.
So fly my ivory dove,
Even though I’d wish you’d stay.
But remember you can perch by my window anytime,
And remind me of this day.
BR0d0 non può esserci un dove.
non ha senso!
avanti c'è un universo di lastre incandescenti. riflessi metallici di passati tresgressivi.
tradimento e morte di un piccolo gabbiano.
jillian. only for a second & i wish you'd stop by - i want to tell you the truth and fall into honesty without caring. mostly i just want to kiss you again. 020624
apocalypse peace on wings
a smooth blue reminder
olive branch
what's it to you?
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