amy it rains. it's grey. no birds out the window, or on the rooftops.
i will extol mouse on mars- a music group- until i die. not too good for concentration however.
kendra sorry when it rains 000530
kk who go from the drops of rain?

forlorad is the most beautiful when it is silent everywhere else, and all you hear is that 000621
Zoe when it rains everything is quiet and you sit and hold me in your arms forever. we sit and star up into the sky holding each other's hands and wish that we could fly up in the rain together so we could never be parted. when you leave it is raining, isn't that ironic? 000722
unhinged a month ago i saw oedipus and when it was over stood outside in the rain smoking a cigarette, the big cool drops splashing to my skin. i felt sufficiently tragic after awhile. but not enough to burn my eyes out with my cigarette....

the day i knew it was over it was raining...i was so upset i didn't care about the usual things....i stood out in the rain and the feeling of the drops on my skin reminded me of being out til 7am and drunk...i yelled at her while he eavesdropped from the car..."i should have known it was going to be like this...i'm so sick of this...i tell him the truth and it means nothing" i knew it would all get back to him eventually but i didn't care...i just got wetter and wetter...i guess he had already settled into his period of disgust...
ohya1011 fuck the rain 060517
anno_salutis concrete dotted
spreading patterns
to uniform

the world soaks
up bleeding past distinction
and all dignities
and indignities
are drowned
and ran off.
what's it to you?
who go